Monday, December 6, 2010

Review: A Bride for Two Tycoons by Ava Mitchell and Sydney Holiday

A Bride for Two Tycoons, Part 1 The Courtship by Ava Mitchell and Sydney Holiday

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Determined to secure funding to save her non-profit, Madeline Spencer heads to Male Order, Texas, a town just east of Dallas known for its enormous wealth and generous philanthropists. Her first stop is Ellis Enterprises, and she hopes a corporate donation from the elite multinational company will help make her dream come true.

Unbeknownst to her, Male Order is menageamous and the powerful Ellis brothers are loaded in more ways than one. The moment Dalton and Garrett see her, there’s no denying their overwhelming urge to claim this single-minded and sensual woman who thinks a romantic entanglement can only be a liability.

During a whirlwind courtship the brothers introduce her to the lavish pleasures of a Male-Order lifestyle but learn they don’t need to open their pocketbooks to open Madeline’s heart. They just have to convince her that mixing business with pleasure isn’t so bad after all.

Wendy's Review

Madeline Spencer heads to Male Order, Texas, a town just east of Dallas to get money for her nonprofit organization. Who would have thought that she would meet the men of her dreams?

The Ellis brothers were well off and had an enterprise in Male Order , TX they also were cowboys who love sharing their women but they didn’t think or even realize that Madeline would be the one until it happened. Madeline was tongue tied when she was around the brothers. Garrett was all business and Dalton loved to have fun. Through their courtship and on to the proposal they had fun and Madeline stayed in a sexually aroused state the whole time. She thought for sure that everyone would notice.

When danger came to threaten their well laid plans the brothers would do anything to protect what they had with Madeline and to keep her safe.

Ava and Sydney did a wonderful job of bringing you along for the ride in A Bride for Two Tycoons and their interpretation of a life with two men and one woman had the reader wanting Madeline’s life and also to get to Male Order, TX as fast as one could if it existed. Great work Ava and Sydney. I give it 4 Tea Cups.

4 Tea Cups!

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