Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Review: Dark Geist by Amanda Steiger

Dark Geist by Amanda Steiger

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Heat Rating: 2



After centuries of walking among humans undetected, the Children—immortal descendents of gods and goddesses—are disappearing. Smoky Striggs wants to get to the bottom of this mystery, but even with the brains he inherited from his ancestor, Athena, he can’t turn up any clues.

Then he overhears a psychic distress call from Felix, a gentle-natured young telepath who uses his powers to locate serial killers for the government. For months, Felix has been tracking a killer named Violet Haze. As Smoky learns more, he begins to suspect that Haze is connected to the Children’s disappearances. The only way to find answers is to capture her, and for that, he’ll need Felix’s help.

Soon Smoky is falling for his new friend, who reminds him of his dead lover from another century. Same red hair, same gorgeous blue eyes, same burning desire to help those in need, no matter the cost to himself. But Smoky’s sworn off mortals. They just don’t live long enough, and when they die, the heartbreak is too much.
Contains: graphic violence and bloodshed

Dodie's Review

This is a fabulous paranormal story. You know all those stories where the Greek/ Roman gods had sex with mortals and created demigods and heroes? What happened to those people's descendents? Didn't there have to be additional demigods and heroes that we didn't know about? Those people who are descendents of the gods, are called the Children. The Children are disappearing, and Smoky is determined to find out what's happening to them.

This is a fabulous romance story. It focuses on a really sweet romance between Felix and Smoky. Felix lost his mother some time ago, and has spent a lot of years since then working in a job that grates on his soul. His father has been largely distant, and due to Felix's special abilities (he's a telepath), he's never really bonded with other people his own age. Consequently, he's been crying out for affection. One night during one of his rants against the injustices and cruelty in his life, Smooky hears him.

This is a fabulous sci fi story. Dr. Burns is running a secret experiment doing something behind the scenes in the laboratory where Felix works. He hasn't revealed his experiment to anyone, but it becomes clear Smoky that Felix is to have a starring role. In trying to save Felix, Smoky risks everything, and they nearly lose each other in the process.

Amanda Steiger has taken these disparate story lines and has woven them together into a coherent book. No mean feat by any description. No matter the genre you prefer, this is a strong book and a worthy read.

5 Tea Cups!

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