Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Review: Icarus by Sherri L. King

Icarus by Sherri L. King

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



He comes to her in dreams, when she is most vulnerable to his stirring touches and burning kisses. He drinks her blood and binds her to him in ways no mortal lover ever could…but Morrigan doesn’t want to believe that her water-dwelling blood drinker is anything more than a figment of her deprived imagination. Morrigan wants to be free of her addiction to the highly sexual creature she knows only as Az. But Az has other plans…and soon he hopes Morrigan will be too deeply under his spell to care that he wants to take her back to his homeworld…to be his mate for all eternity.

Lena's Review

She can’t sleep. Each night she tries to rest but he comes into her life. Morrigan has no idea who he is but knows that when she wakes up she feels somewhat drained. Each night she experiences a passion she has never known before but feels lost. She awakens to only a sense of loss of his love something she has no idea why. Morrigan knows this person that kisses her with passion is something to her life. Each night in his arms Morrigan feels like she is in under a spell like not able to escape his gaze. Can she survive another night in his arms and still wake up normal?

She doesn’t know his name but he goes by Az. She comes to him in at night something he has perfected over the years. In her dreams he comes to show her something that is missing from her life in daylight. His kisses can definitely make her doubt her life something he hopes is a success. Az needs her in his world before his enemy finds her. He can’t tell her his real identity before she can trust him. His time is running out but can he convince her that she belongs to him.

This is the first in a paranormal that I have read that somewhat at times got me confused yet in suspense to find out what the person really was in this book. The part that got me confused was Morrigan’s doubts about Az. Here is Az the only person lately who has shown her passion like no other yet she wants to escape him. I have to say Sherri did a good job in making this reviewer second guess herself. Throughout the book Morrigan had me rooting for her to escape Az but then you see how much in love he is makes you change sides. Great job in doing that Sherri.

3 Tea Cups!


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