Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Review: Rachel's Seduction by Jenny Penn

Rachel's Seduction by Jenny Penn

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Bored with the monotony of her everyday life, Rachel Adams makes a reckless mistake that tumbles her into the middle of a Cattleman’s fantasy. A wild night of devilish pleasure with Killian Kregor and Adam Whitman might be enough to satisfy Rachel’s carnal fantasies, but it only whets the deputies appetite for more.

Not about to take no for an answer, Killian and Adam hold nothing back as they lure Rachel into giving into their darkest desires. Being unable to resist the pleasure that the deputies offer doesn’t mean Rachel has trouble defying them whenever it suits her.

That’s not something either Killian or Adam will tolerate. Rachel is theirs, which means she obeys. Losing this battle isn’t an option for the deputies. Winning against the hard-headed woman, though, seems impossible.
Killian and Adam are going to need a whole lot more than ropes and toys if they want to truly seduce Rachel. They’re going to need a plan.

Monica’s Review

Rachel’s Seduction by Jenny Penn is a very interesting book of sexual hunger along with learning how to live a new life with new experiences, and foremost trusting each other in a relationship. Rachel is what you would call a good girl, not knowing that she does have a dark side. Rachel will soon find out what it is to be with two strong, hunky men that will show her the time of her life.

Playing games with people's feelings is not right and someone will get hurt and truth needs to be told. Rachel needs to find out what she truly finds in these two men Adam and Killian. Adam is such a sweet heart and truly wants to find out how to please a woman and be able to be her boyfriend, husband. Adam is a man that you can consider husband material and is willing to learn how to satisfy a woman in everything, not only in bed but also in every other aspect of a relationship. There is something in Adam’s past that he needs to deal with or else a relationship that he desperately needs will not work.

Killian is the total opposite of Adam. He is the one that you see as a good night of passion and loving and the next weekend someone different, basically a player, arrogant. Killian deep down in him is a proper gentleman but has a hard time bringing that out in him. But with a good woman he just might expose his true self. I love his character—he seems to be the adult in the relationship and be the mediator, trying to bring things together but also has a dark side to his personality. Will these three, Rachel, Adam and Killian be able to come full circle and trust one another and see if there can really be a relationship?

3 ½ Tea Cups!

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