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Review: Untamed Desire by Lana Dare

Untamed Desire by Lana Dare

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Desire, Oklahoma: The Founding Fathers...and the courageous women who dare to love them.
Here is how it all begins...

When Eb and Jeremiah Tyler left their father’s ranch five years ago, Maggie Simms thought she’d never see them again. But now they’re back. But different.
In the years they’ve been gone, they’ve become strangers—-hard, cold men she barely recognizes. Dangerous men. But her heart knows them. And knows she’d never survive watching them walk away again, even though they see her as nothing more than the woman they’d helped raise, one who understands ranch life.
Knowing she could never let them suspect that she loves them both, she dreams of marrying one of them and living happily ever after on their father’s ranch. But she’s stunned to learn they have plans of their own-—plans to share her. To take her away from the only home she’d ever known. To a ranch in Oklahoma, called the Circle T. In a town they call Desire.

Monica's Review

Untamed Desire by Lana Dare shows how a small town in Oklahoma was built on desire for a woman—two men loved her since their early ages. Maggie was around sixteen years of age and learned that the two men she loved were leaving her and did not understand why. To Maggie they had left her, never to return and they just got up and left her alone with her father.

Eb and Jeremiah did not have a choice but to leave her. She was too young and they needed to start a new life without her but they never did stop loving her. They both knew that one day they would return and claim their woman and live happily ever after. After Maggie's father's death she realized that after five years Eb and Jeremiah were returning to Kansas City to help her with her dad's passing, not knowing what was coming.

Lana Dare describes Maggie's fear of losing herself in her own sexual desires for the men she loves but also describes her so well that she does not want to be used only for sexual purposes. She wants Eb and Jeremiah to love her, make her feel wanted, hold her like a husband should. She has a hard time understanding why they treat her like a child and why they want to punish her like a child, but the hard thing is that she also desires it.

Ed and Jeremiah have made themselves every wealthy men and have built a soon to be city and only want to share it with Maggie. Yet they have a lot to learn about Maggie. They have been gone for five years and she is no longer a little girl, she is now a woman. Lana Dare describes Eb and Jeremiah as two doms that believe that they have to enforce laws and punish Maggie for every bad action she makes. Ed and Jeremiah need to remember a woman is fragile and has insecurity, and needs to be handled as a precious thing and they need to learn how to hold her, love her, and tend to her as their wife—not as a prized possession only there for their sexual needs. All three have a lot to learn regarding their new life together and how they are going to make this work for them and how it will impact their new town that they have just named "Desire, Oklahoma."

Read this great book and find out how Maggie, Eb and Jeremiah make a new life work for themselves and try to see if five years of them being apart will  make a difference.

5 Tea Cups!

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