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Review: Bound Among the Stars by Jennifer Leeland and Mima

Bound Among the Stars by Jennifer Leeland and Mima

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Heat Rating: 3



In the future, a man’s name is still the key to freedom and a beast can still be set free
by love.

Some things never change. Fairy tales reach forward into the stars with this duo of
heroes trapped in desperate circumstances. Incredible sex isn’t a magical answer, and there aren’t any magic wands. It’s up to a brave princess and a sweet baker to discover happy endings must be earned.

Commanded to Mate by Jennifer Leeland

The proud lovely colonist is bound to marry an alien beast.

Terrified Sierra Pasquel agrees to an arranged marriage to the monstrous Dormrelian ambassador. To save her family and her colony, she’ll do whatever it takes, including a four-eyed, four-armed beast of an alien.

Terek Majii is the holder of a centuries-old secret cursing his race. His people are on
the edge of extinction and Sierra holds the key. As he teaches her about passion through touch, not sight, he prays he’ll be able to win her trust. Not because two colonies depend on them, but because his love for her is everything.

Bitter Gold by Mima

An innocent woman is bound to an alien slave.

Stillskin lives for the day he can rid himself of the slave clamp around his heart and
leave this den of powerful addicts. Then his foul masters drag Liese to the enclave.

The kind baker is the one spot of pleasure in his life, and he will risk much to help her. He is the most exotic thing she’s ever seen, dark and stoic. If only there was a way she could help free him. When she is kidnapped and taken to the enclave, she believes it means her death. But Stillskin convinces her to fight back. Now two friends are trapped in a dire race for freedom.

Hunter's Review

Commanded to Mate by Jennifer Leeland is a fantastic read. It flows off the page with the practiced ease of a truly wonderful author. I loved these characters. They had so much heart and they were gentle souls amidst a brutal time. I think that what Ms. Leeland is able to achieve with her with her writing is that she is able to take science fiction, which a lot of people find dense and unapproachable, and bring back the human element to it. She tackles hard elements without ever losing the heart of the piece. Her love scenes are hot as well!

I’ll admit that I found Bitter Gold to be a little bit dense for my liking. Mima is a talented science fiction writer but I got lost in her world and never really found my feet. There was so much going on and it was hard, for me, to keep track of all the intricacies of who was who and who had to do what to free whom. I never really felt a connection between these two characters and I wasn’t sure if circumstances had been different if they would have liked each other.

I would say buy this book, buy it immediately, to read Jennifer Leeland’s Commanded to Mate. Its fantastic. I wish I could rate these two stories separately. I would give Commanded to Mate 5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read.

4 Tea Cups! '

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Jennifer Leeland said...

Thanks for another great review, Hunter! I appreciate your kind words.


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