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Review: Brock’s Hellion by Nicole Austin

Brock’s Hellion by Nicole Austin

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Western Romance

Heat Rating: 3



A book in the Corralled series.

Brock is cool, calm and in control. Except when it comes to the feisty hellion who pushes all his buttons for the sheer fun of watching his patience snap. Far worse than the intense desire to choke her is the alarming, all-consuming compulsion to tie Tink to his bed and fuck her into next week.

Tink is no wimpy damsel waiting for a big, strong man to rescue her or take over her life. Oh, hell no. She does her own thing, her own way, when she damn well feels like it. The last thing she wants or needs is some overbearing man bossing her around. Though she’d like to torture him with pleasure.

One night of explosive passion—starting with smokin’-hot lovin’ involving three men and one lucky woman—pushes Brock’s restraint past the limit. And hidden behind the cold-hearted bitch, he discovers a woman who longs to surrender to a man she can trust.

Come hell or high water, he’s going to be that man.

Lily's Review

Brock’s Hellion is part of the Corralled series which is a fantastic set of books set on The Shooting Star Ranch. Fans of Ms Austin will not need to be told that Brock’s Hellion is a must read, the characters are colorful and defined, the plot twists and turns wonderfully and the hot and steamy sex smoulders off the page.
Brock’s hellion is Tink, a woman shunned by her father. Now fiercely independent she’s certainly not used to taking orders from a man, especially a bossy, gruff cowboy whose moods swing faster than a lasso. I really enjoyed the way they wound each other up, the sparks flew hot and fast and it proved to be a much more exciting mating dance to read about than dinner and a movie!

Brock is a fabulous alpha male - big, tough and deliciously sexy but with an agonizing internal battle going on. I adored how he referred to his supressed Dominant side as The Beast and all the metaphor’s that went along with this were great. It really felt as though he was at war with a dark and carnal part of himself and I was unable to put the book down so desperate was I to see this side of him. Of course Ms Austin did not disappoint and with Brock’s cowboy mates in tow he pushes himself and Tink to the limit – it's hot stuff!

But when Tink finds her heart and her body crying out not just for Brock’s love but also for his rough, possessive treatment she’s thrown into confusion as to what this means about her psyche. Her tangled emotions about her feelings for Brock and what he expects of her in his bed turn what she always thought she knew about herself on her head. Can she really find her own submission and his erotic torture such a turn on?

The secondary characters are well known to anyone one who’s read the other books in the series and it’s like hanging out with old friends. However, Brock’s Hellion is a great stand-alone read and if you haven’t indulged in the others in the series it will more than likely have you hunting out Savannah, Tamara and Kate’s passionate stories. An old villain turns up and creates an undercurrent of danger lurking beneath the surface and eventually brings about a climax of a different sort.

Verdict - Brock’s Hellion is the story of two very different personalities clashing, learning to trust one another and then being honest about their darkest desires and their hopes and dreams for the future. It is a great way to enter The Shooting Star Ranch, meet all the inhabitants and learn about the history of this wonderful world Ms Austin has created. I recommend this book for anyone looking for a hot, beautifully written, romantic read.

5 Tea Cups!

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