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Review: Love’s Serenade by Madeline Baker

Love’s Serenade by Madeline Baker

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Historical Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Loving Sarah

When Indians raid Sarah’s homestead, killing her husband and kidnapping her son, her world is shattered. She’s sure she can’t survive on the plains alone, but someone is looking out for her, bringing her baskets of food and clothing, keeping her safe.

Sarah finally meets her benefactor, an Apache warrior called Toklanni who was sent to kill her, but who has fallen in love instead. Together they begin to build a life, but it’s incomplete without Sarah’s son. As Christmas approaches, Toklanni sets out to find him, determined to reunite their family.

Loving Devlin

After rescuing Sarah’s son from the Indians, Sarah and Toklanni—now known as Devlin—thought their hard times were over. Their farm was doing well and Sarah was nearly seven months pregnant with their child. Then a gang of Indians swept through, burning their homestead and kidnapping Sarah.

Devlin heads after them, but getting Sarah back requires a journey deep into enemy territory. Far from the comforts of home, they find themselves creating their own Christmas miracle.

Lena's Review

Indians they are everywhere in the wilderness. They are called savages in her home land yet Sarah Andrews has never met one in person. The Indians killed her husband and kidnapped her six-year old son, Danny. Though it has been three months since tragedy struck Sarah is still with grief and yet through the tragedy she feels comforted in a weird way. Someone has been watching her, leaving her food and making her feel safe. She has no idea but is scared it might be Indians again. For three months the questions still nag her, why was she spared. Sarah has no idea why but knows that the Indian Toklanni is becoming more than just a friend. Each day with his appearance she feels alive and somehow she is feeling loved. She knows it can’t be possible but somehow this Indian is meaning more to her than her late husband. Can she risk her heart to the person who took her child away and hope? Can she accept Toklanni for what he is?

Toklanni a.k.a Devlin see’s the white woman as something of a miracle. He was chosen to kill her but something about her stop him. Toklanni has no idea what it is but somehow in her eyes he see’s hope. As an Apache Indian he is known to be somewhat ruthless leaving no prisoners especially the white people alive. Yet with Sarah he wants to protect and love her. This is not good for an Apache to turn his back on his people. Toklanni is not your usual Apache but a half-breed. For years he’s been trying to show his people that he is all Apache yet with Sarah he feels like one of her people but trapped in an Indian’s body. He knows that life in the Apache world will never be good for Sarah. Just when he thinks Sarah could forgive him she asks for the impossible. Once a child is kidnapped it is hard to get back especially from one of his own people. Can he turn back on his people to be with the woman of his heart and soul?

One word for Madeline Baker is wow from her storyline, passionate love to the action in her stories make them all worthwhile. In Love’s Serenade you have two parts one that shows how Toklanni a.k.a Devlin and Sarah Andrews meet to ending about their life after the tragedy that struck. Madeline shows us that with love and trust anything is possible. The second part of the stories Madeline shows us how far their love has gone yet there is suspense all around them of other people wanting Sarah. Throughout the book you see more of Toklanni’s world changing and doubts of who he is meant to be. Truly a great book by Madeline Baker and definitely recommended from this reviewer. Loved it to pieces!

5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read!

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