Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Review: Hidden Magic by Ashlynn Monroe

Hidden Magic by Ashlynn Monroe

Publisher: The Wild Horse Press
Genre: Fantasy Romance

Heat Rating:2



Alexis is happy with her life and feels that it is ordinary, until a strange magician threatens her family and exposes her brother's secrets. Discovering nothing she believes about herself is true, she is confronted with a family secret that leaves her at the mercy of her brother's nemesis, the man who claims she belongs to him.
Hidden Magic is a tale of fairies, magic, and love.

Denise’s Review

This is a particularly difficult review for me; having read and reviewed Ms. Monroe unfavorably in the past, I will admit I was incredibly impressed with her reception of my criticism and her invitation to read more of her work in hopes of finding something more to my liking.

In the future, however, I believe I shall decline from publicly reviewing her work unless I truly enjoy it, as I don’t like giving authors I know and respect negative reviews, yet I must remain honest about my impression of the work in question. I selected HIDDEN MAGIC for review in the hopes of finding something I’d like, but her writing style is simply not for me. The one thing I can appreciate about HIDDEN MAGIC is the fairy-tale feel to the style in which the story is told, but I’m not certain if that was intentional. The many exclamation points likewise threw me off.

This particular short story has received acclaim from other reviewers, so maybe it’s just a case of personal tastes. I thank Ms. Monroe for allowing me the opportunity to review her work again, and wish her success in her writing career.

2 Tea Cups!


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