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Review: Steam Powered Passion by Corinne Davies

Steam Powered Passion by Corinne Davies

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Tori is dealt a terrible blow when she is given to a couple of pirates as insurance on a ship. But finding herself lifted up into an airship is only the first of many surprises. The second? Malcolm and Sean attacked her ship in order to get their hands on her.

Malcolm and Sean both realize they need a woman in their relationship. Tori seems to be the perfect solution. But can she see past their physical differences to the men beneath and accept them as they are?

But Tori is more then she appears. She’s been passing secrets to the old-world rebels for years. When she is seen leaking information to the new-world military, will her men believe she wasn’t trying to betray them?
Can each of them see past their personal expectations and accept a relationship steam-built for three?

Wendy's Review

Corinne brought the a different world to today’s readers. Wow, this story of Viktorya’s, Sean and Malcolm was wonderful read and very entertaining to see a female put two men in their place as they put her in theirs right between them.

Tori was in a loveless marriage and to her that was fine as long as she could keep her secret of giving the enemy their information needed to over throw the New World. What she didn’t count on was a husband who was willing to kill her instead of loving her. The day she was abducted from her husbands ship was the day her life really started. Facing the unknown future was better than looking at a man who care nothing for her.

Mel Captain of his ship and of Sean his first mate and the love of his life he would do anything for and that is also bring Tori into their relationship. Sean had loved Tori since childhood and he couldn’t believe that Tori would marry a man without love. What he didn’t realize was the deep hurt that it cost her to marry Alexander,. The man without a heart or soul.
|Malcolm was strong and he used that strength to get him what he wanted. Sean was a man who was built to kill but when an accident caused him to lose one arm what was a man to do but build another. And being a mechanist he could and did just that. All Tori knew was that she had her old friend and the love of her life back and when he came with Malcolm then she knew her life was complete.

The story of the three has many twist and turns and it was so exciting to read a book where you couldn’t put it down till the last word was read. Great job of writing an intriguing book. The sex scenes give you a warm and cozy feeling deep inside.

5 Tea Cups!

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