Saturday, January 8, 2011

Review: Whispers in the Dark by Cia Leah

Whispers in the Dark by Cia Leah

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Thriller novelist, Amanda Carter returns home to her childhood lakeside home to help her pregnant sister. Memories swamp her and fill her with dread and when night descends on Whispers, she feels her old childhood fears return. She must stay and help her mentally unstable sister, Tracy, who insists she is carrying the demon's child.

Whispers with its dark secrets and creeping lake fog enfolds many a nightmare and a terrifying killer.

Lena's Review

Amanda Carter is an author who writes about the past and her dreams. She is an author who still has not come to grips with her childhood or father. Amanda has no idea why her father disappeared but knows now her sister needs her. Going back to her hometown Amanda is finding out how much things have changed lately including her sister, Tracy. Seeing her sister almost crazy and not right in her head is making her see how much she is needed back in the home. Amanda has no idea what has happened to Tracy but knows the baby she is carrying is not a bad omen like she says but a miracle. Can she figure out what is happening in the woods and why Tracy is afraid before the killer gets to them?

Whispers in the Dark by Cia Leah is one book that has many spooks and ghosts in the book that will make you jump. I loved that Amanda writes about scary stuff yet when it happens in real life she has no idea what to do. Now Tracy is definitely unstable and Cia did a great job in showing her fear and doubts about the expected baby. Through it all Cia keeps you guessing who the killer is and the real story of the disappearance of their father. Great job, Cia!

3 Tea Cups!


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