Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Review: Winter’s Shadow by Virginia Cavanaugh

Winter’s Shadow by Virginia Cavanaugh

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Living for years amidst a whirlwind of fear and danger, Julia Farris finally snaps free from the bonds that kept her in Arizona. But when she arrives in her hometown of Edinboro, Pennsylvania, she realizes she’s jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire.

With the death of his parents, Mark Webb went to part time at the local police department to run his parents’ bed and breakfast, a job he’s begun to think very lonely until his old high school flame shows up.
As Julia tries to seize control of her life, she finds herself intrigued with the possibilities presented by Mark’s presence. But getting closer to Mark might spell disaster. What’s a girl to do when one ex might be dead and the other wears a badge?

Clare C's Review

Julia has escaped from an abusive husband. She returns to her hometown and her high school boyfriend looking for a fresh start. I thought this was a cute, sweet premise. She’s realized the mistake in judgment that took her away from Mr. Perfect in the first place, and she’s going to seize the life she should have had. It appealed to the romantic in me.

Some of the character development was uneven and the dialogue seemed stilted, but the characters are likeable, and I rooted for Julia and Mark to rediscover their love. He was very sweet and understanding about the aftereffects she suffered from having been abused. I was a bit puzzled by the twist at the end because it didn’t seem to fit in with the point of the novel—Julia rediscovering life and love. Overall, I thought it was a sweet story.

3 Tea Cups!


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