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Review: Hot and Bothered by Marla Monroe

Hot and Bothered by Marla Monroe

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Lately, sex for Savanna has been a boring affair. She’s ready for something hot and wild. She craves something new in her life, but finding everything she wants is proving to be harder than she thought. She’s looking for someone to get her all hot and bothered with just a look. Dustin has the moves down pat, but he lacks one major asset: a steady job.

Dustin isn’t looking for anyone at all, but soon finds himself attracted to Savanna. She’s everything he could want in a woman, and he falls for her fast. When she puts on the breaks because she thinks he doesn’t have a steady job, he’s pissed off and hurt. He wants to be more than just friends with benefits. He wants her heart.

Can they take hot and bothered into something steamy and long-term?

Monica's Review

Assumptions should never be made but always tell the truth…

When is comes to a relationship you should always start with the truth, no hiding what you do for a living, who your friends are or even your family. Starting a relationship with assumptions is not a way to start and can lead to losing the best thing that could have come into your life. That is something that is portrayed in this book with two couples.

Savanna is a successful business owner but lacks love in her life. After being convinced by her friend Karen she ends up going out to a club with Karen and her live in boyfriend, Ben. Savanna has a hard time trusting men especially if they do not meet her qualifications, meaning a steady job. I like that Savanna did not give in too much to Dustin during their first encounter but after the second time they meet no barriers. She is a passionate woman and knows what she wants in bed and out. Savanna is amazing. She is ready to make her relationship with Dustin work and she bears all to him only to find out that he is holding back. Will this be the end of their relationship or will be willing to give him a second chance?

Dustin is a handsome young man that is ready to settle down with a woman that is ready for a relationship, but not only that, but someone that will love him for the person that his is not what he does for a living. Yes, I know it is usually the woman that is ready to talk about taking it further, talking about family, friends, and their means in earning a living but in this case he is the instigator. I know he is a dream come true in a man that is ready to voice his true intentions. After their first argument, Savanna seeks out Dustin and tells him all of her story and he says nothing, not revealing what he should—bad idea. How long before Dustin comes to realize that he has messed up by not confessing the whole truth of who is? Will he lose her?

This is a passionate story for anyone who enjoys the intensity of a man and woman just finding out whom they truly are in bed as well as out. Their desires for each other are out of this world, the sex scenes are steaming hot, intense and erotic. The intensity of the writing in the scenes of their passion is exquisite and you will have to put your book down and fan your self because it is that steamy.

5 Tea Cups!

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