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Review: Kiss of the Silver Wolf by Sharon Bunchbinder

Kiss of the Silver Wolf by Sharon Bunchbinder

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



When Charlene Johnson’s parents die in a single-car accident, she’s left behind as guardian for her severely disabled older brother. When her father’s death is ruled a suicide she is forced to move to the sleepy rural town of Eden, Kentucky, the very place her mother always warned her about.

From the moment Zack Abingdon sees Charlene, he knows she’s the one. Despite the electrifying bond between them Charlene senses things are not all what they seem. Secrets within secrets unfold, and ultimately Charlene has to make a life and death decision between rejecting her true nature and accepting her place within the wolf pack.

Claudette's Review

Charlene is a scientist studying in neurobiology when her parents are killed in a car accident. She is left alone to look after her severely disabled older brother Joey; but is determined to finish her doctorate and keep Joey in his expensive school.

At her parents funeral she meets an older couple, Jethro and Rebekah Carter who claim to be mother’s relatives, they tell her that she and Joey would be welcomed in Eden, her mother’s hometown and she is touched. Along with Jethro and Rebekah is a handsome silver haired stranger, Zach Abingdon. Charlene is shocked at the attraction between them and is relieved to hear that Zach isn’t a blood relation. For Charlene it is good to meet people who would welcome her and Joey into their lives’ and unlike all her friends, not counsel her to put her brother in a home and get on with her life. But she’s a city girl and her mother never had good things to say about the small town she grew up in. The insurance company refuse to pay her the life insurance because there are concerns regarding their fatal accident. Without the insurance money her brother cannot attend his school, and she finds herself forced to sell up and go to Eden.

It isn’t long before Charlene is demanding answers about her family and bloodline from Jethro who is annoyingly stingy with giving out information.

Eden while on the outside appearing to be a simple town with an old fashioned approach to living is full of secrets.

I am assuming that this book might be one in a series and the author wants to reveal bits of her world bit by bit, much like Jethro. A lot of questions were raised and left unanswered. I can’t blurt out any spoilers but some of the many questions I would like to have answered are: what happened to Zach’s family and the pack he came from? And exactly what happened to the men in Eden?. Also would living in Eden ultimately be enough for Charlene? I liked that the fact that the plot wasn’t predictable and that it included the Jinn as evil enemies. Another major sub plot was the presence of Special Agent Eliana Solomon working for Homeland Security; who are aware of the Jinn and treating them as supernatural terrorists. While it is clear that the Jinn consider the werewolves their enemies; - Why haven’t they wiped them out? Especially considering the town’s small population, and their men so few can they be that much of a threat?

The world building is original and intriguing so if you enjoy shifter romances and are looking for something out of the ordinary, then check out this book.

3 Tea Cups!


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Sharon Buchbinder said...

Thank you for your kind words--and yes, there are more stories to come!

Sharon Buchbinder


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