Sunday, February 6, 2011

Review: Mere Passion by Daisy Harris

Mere Passion by Daisy Harris

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 3



“Alara…” His heavy breaths made speech difficult. “You can’t…I might…”
She broke into a smile that could topple empires and bring monsters to their knees. “Of course you will.”
Straight-laced dragon General Kai Nasu dreams of reviving his Empire’s glory. Step one: conquer the Arctic mere habitat. But subduing the dolphin-shifting barbarians proves difficult when his human-form body starts breaking all the rules.

Commander of the Island’s Armed Forces, Princess Alara Skjelfjord plans to kick the haughty reptile’s butt back to where he came from. But the dragon emissary is hotter than a lava tube, and much as she wants to get rid of him, she wants to ride him first.

Alara inflames Kai’s body but denies him her heart. It’s only when Kai questions the very beliefs that made him that he can earn her love and become the dragon he was destined to be.

Rachel's Review

Daisy Harris once again drops us into her water world and commits 100 percent to her characters and her story. I’m following this series very closely, because so far, each book only makes me hungry for more. Kai and Alara are both darker, stronger and more unstable than the characters in Mere Temptation, which really made me love them more—I like dark!

The story was fast moving and plot lines from the first book flowed well without losing the reader. The story was also written so that if you accidentally pick up Mere Passion first, you won’t miss anything or feel lost in the plot.

The only true complaint I had with this book, if I had to pick on something was that there are quite a few typos. Not enough to make you stumble, but enough that I noticed. Otherwise, this is a peach of a read and I can’t wait for her next installment. I would definitely recommend this fantastic, wet world to anyone.

5 Tea Cups!

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