Monday, February 28, 2011

Review: More than Neighborly by Stephanie Adkins

More than Neighborly by Stephanie Adkins

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



How does a woman get past the shock of her fiancé leaving her at the altar—for a man? For Kristen Carter, it involves throwing herself into her job as a journalist and convincing herself that her life is much better without a man in it. That is, until sexy and seductive construction worker Austin McKenzie moves in next door. From the first time she spies him through his bedroom window making love to another woman, she is instantly drawn to him and her voyeuristic tendencies make her crave him in every way.

But Austin’s been around the block—several times. Now he wants the stability that a steady relationship can bring, and once he meets his next-door neighbor he feels he’s finally met the woman for him. The problem lies in turning Kristen into a believer—even after an unexpected visitor turns their world upside down.

Monica's Review

Life is about choices either move on after a relationship is over or duel on it and live a meaningless life and fill your life with work and nothing else. Life is something that needs to be cherished with a person that has the same expectations in regards to love and what they would like in a long term relationship. This story puts life in prospective in the way that life does go on after a relationship is over but it is up to you to make sure to keep it and trust again.

After Kristen has been a naughty neighbor in the sense of her looking into her neighbors window while he is in an intimate situation is a little dangerous. After hearing the give me more, harder, yes chanting I guess it would be just a little curious to see how it would like to have that in your bed. Kristen needs to remember that trust is everything just because a marriage with her fiancé did not happen does not mean that every relationship is going to be the same, not all men are dogs so to speak. This can make or break a relationship, can she overcome her broken relationship or will she lose Austin?

Austin is one in a million, gorgeous, sexy the whole enchilada. I love his character in the way that he does not hold back in his feelings and will let his significant other know what is on his mind, even though that means that he loses them. Austin is curious about his new neighbor since he just moved to the neighborhood and would like to get to know her just a little bit more intimate. I feel bad for him because he seems like such a nice man and I would hate for his feeling to get hurt because of a woman that does not know what she wants and can not see that he is everything that any woman would want for the rest of their life.

This story was very good and the choices that were made were the best for the both of them. The passion that they feel towards each other is so hot, steamy and is so romantic. I really think it worked well. If you are looking for a good romance story with some extremely good love making, lose yourself in More than Neighborly.

3 Tea Cups!


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