Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Review: Secret Cravings by Kris Cook

Secret Cravings by Kris Cook

Publisher: Siren-Boookstrand
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Kate Bullion’s chance to surprise her grandmother for the holidays goes awry when, instead of Gran, she comes face-to-face with twins Rance and Troy Keekoti, her childhood best friends. They’ve grown up into two very sexy men, but pain from their past still stings Kate.
Rance and Troy have never forgotten Kate--the girl of their dreams, now a woman they crave to possess. Yet tribal law prevents them from coming clean with her about their true nature as shifters. They can’t resist being near her, though, no matter what the risk.

Kate bakes some of Gran’s famous cookies for Rance and Troy, but what none of them know is that one of the ingredients magically lowers inhibitions in humans. In the twins, it unleashes primal urges that scorch her to the core.

Will she be able to let go of old pain and choose the love of her two wolf-shifters?

Claudette’s Review

Kate and twins Rance and Troy grew up together but after they were all involved in an accident, everything changed and Kate lost her two best friends. There was always something more than mere friendship between them but they suddenly started avoiding her like the plague and never gave her an explanation for their behaviour; just shut her out of their lives. The secret the twins are hiding is that they are wolf shifters, as are all of their native American tribe. The tribe has a strict taboo against revealing themselves and intermarrying and mating with humans

When Kate drops in unexpectedly to visit her Gran, she finds that her Grandmother is out of country and that Troy is there keeping an eye on her Gran’s ranch. Drawn to Kate as always, Troy tempts fate by asking Kate to dinner. Rance is not amused that his brother is getting so close to temptation, Kate’s mere presence triggers their wolves and they can’t risk exposure. Though both men have known since the accident that Kate is their mate, they can never be together so even spending an evening in her company is a risk that Troy shouldn’t take. When Kate follows her Gran’s recipe for cookies and bakes a batch, all their inhibitions are lowered and the truth will out.

This is a novella that faithfully follows the rules of the average romance – boy(s) meet girl, fall in love with girl but there’s a misunderstanding/ secret and so they can’t just run off and have their happily ever after.

I would have liked Kate’s character to be more developed. We get that she smells good to her mates and that she’s very pretty, but beyond that we know very little about her. As for the twins, as many authors do when writing ménage novels, the men’s personalities are polar opposites. Troy is easy going and light hearted and Rance is the more intense twin.

If you like shifter romances then this is a pleasant read.

2 ½ Tea Cups!


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