Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Review: Unbridled and Unbroken by Elle Saint James

Unbridled and Unbroken by Elle Saint James

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 3



A forgotten lotto ticket and a strong dose of lust send Veronica after Johnny and into his hotel room. She's introduced to his good friend Adam and their ménage lifestyle, which further intrigues her. But Veronica has a dark secret she dares not share with Johnny or Adam. It forces her to live a lie and worse, threatens their newfound love.

Johnny and Adam consider themselves lucky to have found a woman intrigued by their ménage lifestyle. Even though they weren't looking for a partner, they've found the perfect girl for them. But Veronica is hiding something that has her running out the morning after the Double Rider Men's Club annual event. An old friend associated with their men's club is hell-bent on putting Veronica in jail.

Will Johnny and Adam be able to protect her from Zachary, or will they lose her forever?

Wendy's Review

Let me begin by saying that Elle Saint James has written another great book. The story line keeps your attention from the very beginning. Who wouldn't want two hot gorgeous cowboys to take care off all your needs?

Veronica was working a crappy job and trying to just live after her life went into shambles six months ago. Working the midnight to six shift in a convenience store can be daunting. But one morning a sexy cowboy came into the shop for coffee and she knew that wet dreams come true. Watching him move around the store she noticed his walk and much more.

Johnny was getting coffee for him and his friend, Adam, when he notices Veronica behind the bullet proof wall and decided that she didn't fit in with the store.
Coming up with his coffee he decided to ask her out and get to know her better, but Veronica didn't want that. She wanted her safe life right now. Real men like Johnny didn't exist.

After purchasing a lottery ticket which was left behind, Veronica didn't see any harm in taking the ticket to him at his hotel. It would be the only right thing to do. So after leaving work Veronica headed for Johnny and Adam's hotel room. When he opened the door to his room the heat started and Veronica threw caution to the wind.

Finding herself in the arms of not one but two sexy cowboys was a bonus, one that most women ran from. Giving them a challenge to start the relationship, she didn't have orgasms and didn't think they could give her the satisfaction that she needed to come. Hot, Hot Hot, did I say "Hot" sex scenes that have you on the edge of your seat waiting to see how they fulfill her challenge.

When the past came to the present things heat up faster. Way to go on another great book, Elle!

5 Tea Cups!

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