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Review: A Wicked Ride by Avril Ashton

A Wicked Ride by Avril Ashton

Publisher: Extasy Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Sasha Forde has hung up her thieving stilettos, but a visit from a mobster sends her back to her old life. In order to save her family—and herself—from jail, she must steal evidence hidden in a lawyer’s office. She sets out to do what she considers a simple B and E, but someone else has arrived first. And he holds her life in his tattooed hands. Not for long.

Niko Davaris is all about revenge on the man who tried to kill him. The evidence he stole is the first step in that direction. He’s not thrilled to wake up with a gun to his head. The woman on the other end is cocky, smug and too damn hot for her own good. He wants her, she wants the evidence. When she takes it and disappears, he gives chase. Battle lines are blurred as they give in to temptation, but on a ride like this, someone has to come out on top. Who will it be?

Monica's Review


A Wicked Ride is Book One in The Wicked by Avril Ashton, and it’s dripping, steamy hot in so many ways. The way that these two characters come together is something else. The physical attraction between these two is alluring and aching to the bone. You can feel the passion, the caresses that they share and most of all the amount of passion and love that they have from in just one weekend together. Their nights and days are consumed in the most passionate love making out in the wilderness in a nice little cozy cabin in the woods. Just imagine out in the middle of nowhere taking sensual showers outdoors with the most sexy, dangerous man by your side—amazing.

Sasha is a dangerous, attractive, smart woman that goes for what she wants and will get what she wants even if it seems at the end she needs to walk away from the person that will eventually break her heart. No matter how much she wants to only get physical with Niko he is seeping into her heart, but how long until she knows the truth of whom Niko really is? She could easily just say the heck with her mission and go with the passion, the tug of her heart, but she knows that her family is in danger and no matter how much she cares or loves him there is no doubt she must walk away. Sasha is a brave woman to walk out but she knows that no matter what Niko will always have her heart.

Niko is portrayed as a dangerous, mysterious young man that has his own mission that needs to be dealt with, but one look into Sasha’s eyes and her enduring kiss is all it takes for him to be whipped. No matter how much he seems to be dangerous he is a big teddy bear that is squeezable and so much more. He is a man that wears his heart on his sleeve and will to anything to keep Sasha for him even though he has issues with trust. Trust is something that will always come back to haunt you if you do not come clean. The past will always come out. Niko has a wicked way of showing Sasha of how much he cares, if not loves her, in the most hot, amazing love-making that you that will have you squirming in your seat. Be ready to be panting but believe me you will not want to put your book down not even a second. He can really show her a real good time.

I definitely recommend, A Wicked Ride to those who enjoy something that takes you into a world of pleasure with a taste of suspense. I cannot wait to see who her next characters for her next book to this series will be.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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