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Review: Crescendo by Leah Brooke

Crescendo by Leah Brooke

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Hired by Nick Morietti and Steve Vanguard to decorate their newest hotel, Julianna Lovette is determined to make a name for herself. Nick and Steve’s raw sexuality, however, draws her like a moth to a flame--irresistible, but potentially lethal.

When she becomes their lover, she’s tossed into a world of passion she’s always searched for but thought she’d never find. Dominant and strong, they take her in ways she’d never imagined and earn a submission from her she never thought she’d give.

When passion comes at a price, she has to depend on them to keep her safe from an enemy from Steve’s past. An enemy who’s waited for years for a chance to get revenge. An enemy they believe she works for.
She learns that trust comes at a steeper price--but offers the biggest rewards.

Wendy's Review

Ok, first thing first, if you pick this book to read just know that you are addicted immediately. I stayed up all night unable to put it down. It was a fabulous book.

Leah brought a book that had everything in it rolled up in the lives of Julianna, Nick and Steve.

Julianna Lovette is a designer who had a tough life with being a big girl. Standing almost six feet tall she learned early that no one takes care of you, you take care of your self. Being tuff all the time was taking a toll on Julianna, she wanted more she needed to feel feminine and dainty so she decided to try and be submissive to a dom who didn't know how to be one. So her first experience with being a submissive turned nasty and when Nick and Steve saw her erratic driving they followed her and decided that she wasn't able to take care of herself so they decided to take care of her in more ways than one.

Nick Morietti and Steve Vanguard are partners in business and both fell hard for Julianna and knew the only way to have her was to share her something that was new to them and her. Julianna had never seen men as handsome or strong as these two and for them both to want her she just couldn't fathom; they needed small, petite blondes that giggled a lot.

Working through all her emotional hang-ups and trying to protect her from unknown dangers, Nick and Steve showed Julianne that being a tall woman was nothing to be ashamed of, it was to be relished in men who were big and tall and more than willing to bring out the woman behind all the tough exterior. The more she fought the attraction the more intriguing she became to them.

I have to say Julianna is a woman that can and will have it all if only she can submit to her inner submissive.

Leah did a beautiful job of keeping the interest in all the sexual tyrst and how love can replace all the past hurts in life. I give this book a 5 Tea Cups and a heat index of 3 for the hot flashes it gave me through the night.

5 Tea Cups!

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