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Review: Elise’s Dakota Cowboys by Sabrina Sinclair

Elise’s Dakota Cowboys by Sabrina Sinclair

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 3



When a persistent dream compels twenty-seven-year-old Elise Norton to buy a ranch house in South Dakota, she knows strange forces are at work. Just why has she had the same dream night after night for the past three years?

Sybar brothers Carter, Aaron and Brady Kennedy are the owners of the ranch house that Elise buys. The eldest, Carter, planted the dream in her head in order to lure her to South Dakota. A Sybar woman is exactly what they need in order to continue their line. However, they all underestimate the sexual power a Sybar woman has over a Sybar man, and they each want her for themselves.

Can the gorgeous and sexy Kennedy brothers convince her to stay? Or will their sense of sibling rivalry drive her away?

Monica's Review

One Sybar woman but three Sybar men, can they actually share one night that can turn their future around?

Elise is a Sybar woman that has just bought a ranch due to a reoccurring dream and decides to leave her home in Chicago to come to a small town in South Dakota. Elise gives into this new life without hesitation without an ounce of double thinking about what her new life will bring her. She puts all of her fate in three men that she just met and has no doubts at all. She is not even angry with Carter with the illusion of her dreams and the ranch she just bought. There should have been more resistance in her part, angry because of her mind being probed without her knowledge. Sure eventually Elise would have seen that she was destined to be with them and them with her.

The Kennedy brothers, Carter, Aaron and Brady, are Sybar men that have been looking that that special Sybar woman and finally they have found her. The time has come to finally meet Elise but will she be able to with stand their jealousy. Carter being the oldest has his own plans about her but the other two brothers will not give in to his obnoxious feelings. After living their lives always sharing everything why change now. The way that Carter and his brothers handled telling Elise about her being special and how they were meant to be together was something else. Carter is such a jerk because he does not care about anyone else but himself and his own feelings of how he feels for Elise. He really lays it out on her not even trying to see if she truly comprehends her true self, then not only that but then basically over takes over the whole situation. He goes straight into making love to her and automatically telling her his true feelings for her and not caring about how his brothers feel. Carter needs to remember that he is not the only one in this relationship and if he is not careful he could lose everything, not only Elise but his brothers. I am glad that Aaron and Brady will not give up and stand up to Carter and try to make him understand where they are coming and how this can tear them apart. That is not the only problem but one of the other brothers is in danger and may not recover.

This story is fast paced and everything happens so quickly that it is a little hard to understand the true chemistry between them. You know that they will be together and live happily ever after but there could have been a little more resistance from Elise and her feelings of how she felt for how she came to the small town of South Dakota. Other than that it was a good story and they did make a wonderful family. I recommend you to read this story and enjoy their passion towards one another and get lost in their world.

3 ½ Tea Cups!

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