Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review: Spanking Lady Willow by BL Bonita

Spanking Lady Willow by BL Bonita

Publisher: Noble Romance
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Divorce has never been so sweet . . . .

Sasha Borden is about to be a free woman. After years of vanilla sex with a distracted husband, the decision was obvious to end their marriage. If they can't find pleasure in their marriage bed, what else could they possibly have? Left with few options, Sasha decides to join the underground sex club, Sinful Epiphany, where strangers meet at a masquerade for a night of flesh-filled fantasy.

But what if the plan backfires, and the stranger gives her more than she ever bargained for? Will one night of stripped inhibitions lead to a lifetime of happy wife/happy life, or something more sinful?

Denise's Review

Sasha is a few signatures away from saying sayonara to her husband, and though they didn’t part on spiteful terms, she is still eager to get back on the dating wagon and experience rough, passionate sex rather than the plain lovemaking to which she had become accustomed. Therefore, she signs up with an underground sex club to find her groove, and hopefully, a night she won’t forget.

Ms. Bonita does an admirable job in emotionally connecting readers with Sasha and invoking the sense of loss that follows a divorce in which there is no bitterness, only disillusion and hurt. The plotline is fairly simplistic but interesting enough to read without wanting to put it down.

My real issues with this novella involve the divulging spoilers, so I can’t say much. Let’s just say there were times when Sasha’s reasons for divorcing her husband seemed contrived and one of those instances that could have been easily avoided. The twist was likewise predictable, though perhaps it was meant to be. Without giving away more than I should, I suppose the most I can say is I just couldn’t suspend my disbelief enough to buy into the premise.

However, this is a quick, entertaining, sexy read, and it fits the genre nicely.

3 Tea Cups!


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