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Review: Miss: Never Gonna Love Again by Laura Marie

Miss: Never Gonna Love Again by Laura Marie

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



After Julianna McKay is scarred by a killer, her own fiancé and the loss of their unborn child, she swears to never love again. She needs a better life, not one living in fear and being controlled. Heading back home to Claire County, Texas and her last chance of survival, she snags the attention of Sheriff Johnny Black, an ex Marine with his own scars and one dominant personality.

Julianna is scared but just as intrigued by the Sheriff. The way he acts and the way people avoid him and fear his authoritative demeanor make her avoid him as well. The sheriff is immediately suspicious and intrigued by the new Claire County resident. She is quiet and stubborn but also fearful.

Can two strong-minded people with scar-driven paths, broken hearts and nightmares from their past somehow find each other and fall in love? Or will both their pasts come looking for them, trying to destroy any chance at happiness?

Monica's Review

A new start to life in Palmer Place, but with only sadness in her eyes, can she really be safe from her ex-fiancé? As she becomes familiar with her home town once again she seems attracted to the sexy Sheriff Black “Johnny” whom has only mad her feel the jitters in the pit of her stomach but also mad as hell. Sheriff Black “Johnny” takes one look at Julianna and as you can say love at first sight.

Julianna is a lost young woman that has suffered so much back in New York that it is amazing that she even dared driving alone cross country. First her ex-fiancé tries to kill her but not only that he kills their innocent child. Julianna tries to become an independent woman not willing to let another man beat her down and decides on making her new life in Palmer Place since she is a silent partner in her aunt and uncle's ranch. There she is able to finally make her own decisions and not be dependent on a man to make every single choice for her in her life. She sees how the country town has grown and sees prospect of maybe even her family ranch growing and helping the community bring in outside tourists. When the first winter storm hits it will only bring her to finally realize that there is more to life than trying to live alone and there is a reason to love again and maybe even form a family with a new man. Her focus is always comparing Sheriff Black her ex-fiancé but she needs to realize that not all men are mean and man handle their woman. Julianna needs to learn how to trust again and will she be willing in order to move on with her life and maybe build a family of her own with what people would say the white picket fence, a dog and maybe a couple of children?

Sheriff Black is a sexy gorgeous well-built man that has set his eyes on the new gal from New York. He is what you would say the bachelor of the town; everyone wants a piece of him. He has lived a long horrible life that has made his personality a little on the bitter side. Sparks and fireworks set in when he has his first passionate kiss with Julianna. There is nothing that will stop him from claiming her as his woman and no one better get in his way. When Sheriff Black realizes that her life is in danger, only a few weeks after her arrival in town, he takes her to his home after seeing her half frozen and cares for her. At that moment I fell in love with his character in the story. He is so attentive, sweet and such a gentleman that just makes him a real white knight ready to take his princess away in a moment notice. Sheriff Black has a very passionate man that will have you squirming out of your seat. He tends to Julianna’s needs before himself but no matter how much he makes love to her he cannot get enough of her. No matter what he will find a way to keep her safe from her ex-fiancé and will also have her as his wife. Sheriff Black only needs to convince her that he is a man that can be trusted and no matter what happens he will not ever leave her. Will it be too late when he realizes that danger once again has come to seek her and is not willing to let her go this time around?

Laura Marie did a great job in this story. The characters in this story have gone through so much in their past life that why should they not have their happily ever after. They deserve it, especially Julianna. Will she get her happily ever after and more? You will just have to read it for yourself and see what all the excitement is for. Happy reading!

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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