Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review: Song from the Abyss by Margaret L. Carter

Song from the Abyss by Margaret L. Carter

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Alyce always spent her summer break at her aunt’s beach house. It was there that she met Dean—her first love. She thought Dean loved her as much as she loved him. Until the summer when they were eighteen and he vanished from her life. Just gone. No explanation, not even an email.

Alyce tucked away her memories of Dean, though she never forgot him. Three years later, her aunt did something that destroyed their relationship as well. She drugged and used Alyce in an arcane ritual that opened a portal into another dimension.

Now Alyce has inherited the house where she endured that terrifying night. She finds a recording of the eerie music from the dark rite. When she plays it, the portal opens again, and Dean returns. Their passion ignites, more intense than anything Alyce has ever known, but he’s no longer quite human. Dean has spent years in another dimension. Sinuous tentacles are only the most visible mark of his alien transformation. Who is he now? What is he?

Hunter’s Review

This is a strange book that I am still trying to make sense of. I think, ultimately, that my problem with this book is that it is disjointed. It moves from the ‘now’ back in time over and over again until it finally moves into an entirely different world for a time.

Dean is whiney. I had a hard time seeing him as the hero because most of the time he was complaining and acting wimpy. He liked to blame the heroine for his problems. As for Alyce, she’s presumably been through quite an ordeal but you wouldn’t know it as she seemes to accept all that happens to her as if nothing happened at all.

I guess what most vexed me about this book was that I was fascinated with its premise when I read the blurb. Unfortunately, to me it just didn’t add up. However, as with all Ellora’s Cave books I found the love scenes to be well done and hot.

I think people who like the wonderful heat of Ellora’s Cave will like this book.

2 Tea Cups!


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