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Review: Sugarberry Road by Caroline Johnson

Sugarberry Road by Caroline Johnson

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Newly divorced, Jenna Stewart unwillingly leaves her two children with their father for his allotted month and heads to her grandparents’ now vacant Texas farm. The last person she expects to see that summer is her adolescent crush, Ethan Ehlers. He shows up at her door, handsome as ever and bearing two pages of astonishing prose — a love letter from Jenna’s grandfather to Ethan’s grandmother. Her wounded heart gradually heals as she uncovers the details of her grandfather’s unrequited love and explores the possibilities for a new love in her own life. But who is trying to scare her away? And why?

Monica's Review

After reading this story and rereading the synopsis it was not what I had expected. Yet, the characters in the story brought it together, Jenna and Ethan and their grandparents. They had different life experiences but their grandparents life experiences will teach Jenna and Ethan something new to where they can build a relationship if they could both begin to trust again.

Jenna already had a crush on Ethan since she was a teenager and after getting married, and now divorced she does not know if she could let anyone near her heart again. Jenna and Ethan both started as a sweet friendship that was slowly building into a true romance. I love how they are able to enjoy each other’s company not only the adults but their children get along beautifully. They seem like an actual family that warms Ethan and Jenna’s heart. Jenna’s ex-husband did wonders on her self-esteem it seems that anything that Ethan does for her she compares it to her ex or if he says anything thing to her she automatically reflects it to what her ex would comment to her. She has lots of insecurities that she needs to deal with before even thinking about getting involved in a relationship soon after her divorce. I like how she was able to go talk to Grace, Ethan’s grandmother, about her relationship with Jenna’s grandfather and clear up any miss understanding that was lurking in her mind. Grace was able to make Jenna understand for her not to go forward living a life with any regrets. After it seems that Ethan and Jenna are heading in the direction of something wonderful there is always someone in the way, but not whom I thought would object in this relationship.

This is a book that I would recommend to someone that really enjoys a book that entails two different times with one new prospective romance. There are moments of happiness and moments of sadness but overall it is a good read.

3 ½ Tea Cups!

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