Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review: Lady and the Beast by Gail MacMillan

Lady and the Beast by Gail MacMillan

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Shipwrecked, Lady Kathryn Sheffield wakes in New Brunswick, Canada, to find a hulking beast leaning over her. Her intended destination was Jamaica, to an arranged marriage she didn’t want. The Beast, Hamish McDonald, needs to be rid of this Lady as soon as possible. His life in hiding due to a false accusation is in jeopardy. But who is deceiving whom? Between their growing love, the secrets, and a price on both their heads, will there be happiness for The Lady And The Beast?

Lena's Review

Lady Kathryn has no choice but to hide. Her family wants her to marry an arrogant, selfish elder man to mend her ways. With nowhere to hide she tries to keep her identity a secret in the little town of New Brunswick. She expected safety but not falling in love with a man like Hamish McDonald. Something about him speaks that he is an honorable man, protective and desirable. He is silent but somehow she has gotten to him she knows for a fact. He says he is no gentleman but Kat knows he is hiding something. Hamish cares about the people in the village and the way he mends them in need shows he is a caring man. Yet through it all Kat is afraid of her family finding her. Can Hamish protect her even then?

Hamish McDonald loves the little in New Brunswick. He has it all, people that love him, peace and his identity kept secret. Everything was great until he rescued a young maiden, Kathryn. She has no recollection of her identity but something tells him she is hiding something as well. His peace is gone and now all he can think about is Kat. Just when he is ready to confide his feelings she is kidnapped. Now that his time is running out he is determined to find her and reveal his real identity. Can he find and protect her before it is too late?

The Lady and the Beast by Gail MacMillan is definitely a modern day of the old tale as time. Yet Gail created a man who doesn’t want to turn into a prince. Now Kat is a woman who just wants her freedom not shackled to a man least of all an old one. These two are opposite from one another yet want one thing and that is safety. The storyline not only took my breath away in how far Hamish wants to keep his identity but how far he will go to protect his woman. Gail MacMillan did a great job in this book and can’t wait for more.

3 Tea Cups!


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