Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review: Wolf Reborn by Rebecca Royce

Wolf Reborn (Westervelt Wolves, #3) by Rebecca Royce

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



A lone wolf is a dangerous creature, until he meets his mate. Then he’ll become lethal to protect her.
Faith Anderson never asked to be a wolf shifter, but one strange encounter with the Westervelt Wolves and she suddenly has a past she knows nothing about and a future wrought with danger. No one is more disappointed than she to discover that the island does not hold a mate for her…that is, until she collides with Theo Kane, the missing prince of the Westervelt Wolves who has chosen isolation to save his pack from what he believes are his insane tendencies.

Theo couldn’t imagine anything worse than the near death experience that left him scarred and forever changed. Until some of the same things start happening to Faith. Now he has no choice but to face what he has avoided for over a year if he doesn’t want the past to repeat itself, this time taking Faith along for the ride. Together they will battle demons, invisible wolves, and worst of all his father to find their eternal love.
But if the price is eternity, are they willing to risk it all?

Yadkny's Review

There is a traitor among the Westervelt pack in this third installment to the Westervelt Wolves series. The betrayer has been sending intel to the former Alpha while masking not only their identity, but also scent. Now it’s up to Theo and Faith to flush out the enemy while battling both inner and outer demons.

Theo continues to deal with both physical and mental repercussions from his fight with a demon in a previous story. He believes himself to be too dangerous to be around other pack members and has exiled himself to live in wolf form.

Faith is now head of security for the Westervelt pack. Since a forced shifting during a rescue mission in Mexico, she finally feels more like herself. Her long denied wolf-half has been freed and a suppressed past is unraveling.

Ms. Royce incorporates both man and beast in her wolves with a solidified presence in both mind and body. The witty dialogue and banter between the two halves makes for enjoyable reading. The wolf has a more simplistic view of the world whereas the human takes on a more emotional approach. Not only does the wolf portion of the shifter benefit the human with heightened senses, but also with a more sensible, less complicated tactic to various situations.

Much of the story is centered on Faith and Theo as they time travel back to critical moments in their own pasts to unlock mysteries that will ultimately affect their future. The romance between the two is sweet and they accepted each other much easier than I initially thought they would. The plot is nicely paced with a continuing build-up in the overall series storyline. Lots more Kane brothers left to highlight and as the pack continues to search for the lost unmated females, danger is still just around the corner.

3 ½ Tea Cups!

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