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Review: Scandalous Seduction by Paige Cameron

Scandalous Seduction by Paige Cameron

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



With her oldest sister married and her youngest sister celebrating her betrothal, most predict that Lady Tabitha Bartley, the bookish, plain sister, is doomed to be left on the shelf. She has seldom been noticed by the town until several bored gentlemen make an innocent wager regarding her and the Earl of Sterling Court.

Lady Tabitha overhears their conversation and decides to beat them at their own game. But she will take it a step further and seduce Lord Sterling. She has read all about seduction from the books in her father's library. Since she doesn't expect to marry, this is probably her only chance to have a tantalizing sexual encounter.

First, she must win the original wager and then make one of her own. Will Lord Sterling accept her challenge? What will be the prize for winning? And more importantly, can a lady seduce a gentleman and still be considered a lady?

Lena's Review

Lady Tabitha Bartley is content with her life. For 26 years she has lived out in the country just reading books and enjoying life. Yet everything changes when her sister gets engaged and she hears men talk. Her mother always told her it is never good to eaves drop yet in this case it’s going to turn her life upside down. She never thought she would be the belle of the ball yet something about Lord Sterling is making her feel free. The man makes her feel things that she has only read in her books. As a lady she is not supposed to reveal her desires or recklessness yet Sterling brings out all of these things. She is about to do something that is only mentioned in her books. It is a seduction she and a wager she knows she will win. Her mother wants her married but she has other plans. Can she win this wager?

Lord Sterling has met many women in his life but none like Lady Tabitha Bartley. His whole life has been centered in his home and work. His father recently passed and now he must marry to continue the earldom. What started as a wager into seducing the plainest, boring woman of the ton has turned to something he might not be able to handle? He never expected for the duckling to turn into an enchanting swan that has captured his attention. Tabitha not only sparks his interest but something about her makes him want to be her man. He knows it is wrong to seduce her but when she seduces him he can’t ignore her. A kiss from her is refreshing but also unforgettable. Can he win this wager or will he win more than a seduction from Tabitha?

Paige Cameron’s latest definitely is a breath of fresh air for this reader. I loved that Paige doesn’t care about the balls but just wants to read and lead a normal life. The problem is that her family wants her to be different and enjoy the parties. Lord Sterling is definitely the man that makes her bloom to a beautiful woman and introduces her to a passionate world. These two were great and though they are playing a game they find something better than a game. Love is all there through the end and its passionate than ever when they admit it is more than a game. Loved it.

4 Tea Cups!

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