Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review: All That Glitters by Wendi Darlin

All That Glitters by Wendi Darlin

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Western Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Former Vegas showgirl Dahlia Burke can’t get out of Texas fast enough. She’s winding her way through rural Wilder, Texas when she plows into Tanner and Scooter’s work truck. Dead broke and stranded, will Dahlia find more than one reason to stay--or two more reasons to leave?

Tanner Dawson barely escaped with his life when Dahlia plowed into his truck. And once he and his best friend, Scooter, take her under wing, he’s not sure if she’s planning to love him to death or finish him off.
Scooter Austin can’t tolerate gold diggers. When he finds out Dahlia is newly divorced from a man who has a revolving door of trophy wives, Scooter’s ready to send her out of Wilder with the toe of his boot.
How will these cowboys know if Dahlia has a heart of gold or just an eye for all that glitters?

Wendy's Review

Wendi did a wonderful job of bringing a book that had you enjoying every word.

Dahlia Burke was a former Vegas showgirl. She was down on her luck, but she'd rather be there than with an ex-husband that made her feel less. Dahlia has everything—looks, and legs that are a mile long. Men do double takes when she walks by them. But when her mind wanders to a sexy cowboy walking down the road, she barely misses his friend while he pushed the truck out of the way, that is when trouble comes in a capital T.

Dahlia never thought in one moment that she could have almost murdered someone and actually fall for them too. Tanner Dawson was a cowboy, rugged and handsome with an attitude totally opposite. He wasn't accommodating in the polite department until he got to know the real Dahlia, then his passion came forth with a vengeance. While his friend Scooter Austin decided on his own that Dahlia was a gold digger wanting the easy life and not wanting to work for it.

Well if she was staying with them then she sure was going to work, but what he didn't count on was that Dahlia didn't mind hard work, any work that was honest was good enough for her. Still Scooter couldn't put his past in the past until it was to late. Dehlia couldn't or wouldn't let Scooter see how hurt he made her so she went back to Vegas, but being in Vegas didn't change the past.

Wendi's characters were so realistic it had you hunting for a town where you could get a cowboy and business man all in one. Great story that keeps you reading every word, and then turn around and read it again.

5 Tea Cups!

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