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Review: Rainn on my Parade by LoRee Peery

Rainn on my Parade by LoRee Peery

Publisher: White Rose Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 1



After firefighter Rainn Harris rescues Geneva Carson from being stuck in a tree, she feels she owes him. Helping to care for his autistic niece comes easy, but her attraction to Rainn is a different story. Being drawn to a man twelve years her junior metes internal havoc as Geneva attempts to balance responsibility and personal fulfillment. And the prospect of becoming a middle-aged mom to a special-needs child sends Geneva into a tailspin of conflicting emotions.

As the custodial parent for his young niece, Rainn is determined to be a better parent than his absentee sister. When Geneva agrees to help care for Mia, Rainn is overjoyed. He admires Geneva's compassion and enthusiasm for life, and expects she'll be a positive influence on Mia. What he doesn't expect is to fall in love with the beautiful and vital woman. But Geneva's hung up on their age difference, and he must convince her of his sincerity before they will ever have a chance at happiness together.

As tension threatens to pull them apart, both must learn to rely on the Lord to direct their futures-whether that means two lives joined or paths in opposite directions.

Monica's Review

Trust in God and he will lead the way. Believe in the path that he is setting for you to be the right path and that he will not let you down. There will be hurdles that you will have to find a way over, but believe that he will not give you something that you cannot handle.

Geneva had a rough first marriage and has a way of making sure she is doing things for herself and making sure that no one is taking advantage of her. She has some issues that she needs to resolve in order for her to believe that she is following the correct path that God has envisioned for her. Geneva can not get it out of her mind of her age difference from Rainn but worst of all she believes that he is taking advantage of her. Once she is able to overcome her fear she is able to finally give into the feelings that she has for Rainn and she now believes that she will be a wonderful mother to Mia.

Well, what can I say about Rainn, he is an amazing man that knew what he wanted in life. He knew exactly what he felt for Geneva even if she did not. There was only one problem, Mia. After he was able to balance life with Mia in the picture, now he set his mind that the only way he would be complete would be if Geneva was in his life. Rainn also needs to be able to have closure with his parents in order to be able to close a chapter in his life. Mia means the world to him and he will make an excellent father, attentive and warm.

There was just one thing that I would have loved to have read that is to let Geneva talk to Mia and let her know she would be her mom and Rainn would be her father. Don’t get me wrong I loved that she was finally able to overcome her fear but it would have been great if the ending would have included Mia since Mia had made the suggestion. Other than that I understood how Geneva felt she needed to make sure that felt loved, cherished because her last marriage did not make her feel whole. She was incomplete.

Overall the story was beautiful and the flow was excellent. There were times when I was reading that I noticed that I had tears falling but most of all I enjoyed how heartwarming it felt. If you want a book that proves that you have a meaningful path in life then you need to read Rainn on my Parade. God is truly wonderful.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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