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Review: Seduced by an Angel by by J. Rose Allister

Seduced by an Angel by by J. Rose Allister

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Fantasy Romance

Heat Rating: 3



When seven virgins are brought to a unique island resort to be propositioned by a gorgeous angel who wants to have a child, hotel employee Kazia is mortified to learn she is one of the potentials in his mating game--and that her job depends on cooperating with the VIP's whims.

Archangel Andel hopes to create an immortal child before his fertility phase ends. He has some thoughts about his em-sehad--his ideal mate--but he harbors a secret that he cannot risk revealing to the woman he ultimately selects.

When Kazia finds herself lured in by Andel’s potent eroticism, secrets of her own are revealed that could keep him from claiming her. Meanwhile, supernatural powers are conspiring to prevent Andel from perpetuating his blood line. How will Andel and Kazia overcome their pasts--and the will of heaven--in order to consummate their passion?

Yadkny's Review

A once in an angel lifetime opportunity has been granted to Andel and he isn’t taking any risks in finding a match. Because of the delicate nature of the situation, he’s decided that the Amante Del Mar is the best place for this to occur. With one final test, he will have selected his mate, but doesn’t expect a heavenly interference and time is running out.

Kazia’s life has dramatically improved since her employment began with the Amante Del Mar. She took a chance and it has netted her results in the form of a promotion, security, and stability. This latest assignment has her rethinking everything she has gained when the truth is revealed. The most troubling of all is how she can’t seem to stop her body’s reaction to Andel, but his purpose for being at the resort is something she just can’t throw caution to the wind for.

The third installment to the Immortal Paradise series is my favorite so far. The mystery surrounding these immortals is addicting and each unique story will pull the reader further in. The sexual encounters in this story are sizzling and the imagery is fantastic. Kazia’s character is relatable and Andel is pure Alpha male goodness with a little fascinating twist to his history. The ending is fast, but offers a glimpse into the soon-to-be future, which then only left me wanting more. This series does not have to be read in sequence to enjoy them, but once you start you’ll be looking for the rest.

4 Tea Cups!

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