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Review: Paradise Mine by Ronna Gage

Paradise Mine by Ronna Gage

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Rae Anne Jamison and Landy Laurent have the kind of love most people envy--that is, except for Rae Anne's father, a high-powered political figure in Texas. But she and Landy ignore her father’s complaints and focus on their upcoming wedding, planning it for when Landy returns from the newly declared Operation Desert Shield.

Lonely and depressed without him, Rae Anne clings to a preplanned vacation in tropical paradise with him in a year, but when she receives word that he is missing in action and presumed dead, all hope is shattered.

After a few years, she gives up on finding an everlasting love and the life she had planned, and retreats to the open sea. On her sabbatical, she comes face to face with the love of her heart, who returns with less than a little happiness to see her. His eyes shine with anger, and the evidence of a festering wound he's desperately trying to hide is covered by the walls around his heart. If love endures all things, will time really heal all their wounds?

Lena's Review

They had a love that no one can separate? Well they thought it couldn’t be separated but Rae Anne Jamison never knew how it happened. For years she has always loved her Landy Laurent. He is her best friend and first lover. Knowing that he is dead she will not rest until there’s a body. To her Landy is a survivor and she knows in her heart he is still alive. Fate plays a trick on her and now when she is ready to give up Landy is there. RaeAnne has no idea why he torments her with his memory but somehow this time it doesn’t feel like a dream to her. Can she believe once again that she has Landy again in her life?

Years ago Landy Laurent fell in love with a woman who in his eyes was the one. Yet people around them wanted to separate them. Now years later he is back to find out why his RaeAnne gave up on him. For years he has waited and now that his chance is here the old hurts and pain are back. In his heart he knows RaeAnne can never cheat on him but somehow things change in life. Only one person wanted him gone and that is her father. He knows RaeAnne would never believe him that it was him who changed their whole lives. Can he convince RaeAnne that he has never stopped loving her? Will they ever have their own piece of paradise together?

Oh my god Ronna Gage has a way of bringing a story to life. I felt bad for RaeAnne in this book and the heartache she went through all these years. You can tell Landy is her only and always be love in life. Ronna Gage definitely did a great job in this book to the point where I didn’t want to stay away from the book. RaeAnne grabs your attention and her motivation to find Landy. Here is a woman who never stopped believing that he might be alive. Now Landy is one who takes a lot to convince but once he see’s his love there’s no turning back. Loved it and definitely worth getting for you have a story of true love never going out. Loved it!

4 Tea Cups!

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