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Review: To Tame a Wild Mustang by J. Rose Allister

To Tame a Wild Mustang by J. Rose Allister

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Western Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Kate is hardly an average gal in the old west. She dresses in men's trousers, speaks Hupa Indian, and pursues animal medicine—a male vocation. Why should it surprise her to find herself in a shocking, unconventional relationship with two drop-dead-sexy cowboys?

William is trying to save his failing ranch by taming wild mustangs with native Indian methods to keep things running while he rebuilds his cattle herd. Jack is the muscled ranch hand who has stuck by William through thick and thin—and stirs something inside of William that he’s never felt for a man. Does Kate, the wild beauty who has lassoed their hearts, have room in hers for them both? And can their love survive a lynch mob determined to see Kate and William hung for a crime they didn't commit?

Monica's Review

Kate is a determined, smart young woman that had a tragic situation at the age of sixteen that actually helped her become the great veterinarian. At first sight of William, there was chemistry that she could not bear to handle. I loved watching her open her mind and heart not only to William but his ranch hand Jack. From the moment that she saw Jack there was the same chemistry at her pit of her stomach. Sure she lost her virginity to William but the love for her ill father might just tear her away from the men that are slowly staking claim to her heart.

William and Jack are hot and sexy, strong and determined cowboys that their only desire is to make Kate happy. Only that William is a little hesitant because he is not able to care for Kate because he is still having a little trouble with his ranch. But the two are very different. William is intense one and protective but there are times that he speaks without actually thinking about what he is saying. This gets him into trouble with Kate but he makes it up to her in the most adorable way. Jack is the lighthearted one, the one that just by looking into his eyes you just melt. He is sweet and quite but he makes his feelings known to each one even if he has to step aside if William is not able to share Kate.

I loved how they were able to embrace the change and take advantage of their love for each other. William was caught of guard when he felt something between him and Jack that just added fuel to the fire something he never expected to feel since he never considered being with a man before. When Williams comes to the understanding of their fate and senses that they might die he automatically asks Kate to marry him if they are proved innocent. Then basically takes it back in order to save Kate.

To Tame a Wild Mustang was a wonderful story especially when the title has lots to do with the first night everything came together for Kate, William and Jack. Ms. Allister has been an author in my library and I enjoyed this book immensely. Get this book you will not regret it and see how everything came together after they were accused of an unlawful charge that could have had them hung for. Kate, William and Jack got their happily ever after a close call to one of them.

4 Tea Cups!

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