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Review: Best Reception Ann Jacobs

Best Reception Ann Jacobs

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Wide receiver Sid Conyers is hot, dominant, an expert in rope bondage and almost any woman’s dream. He’s played in BDSM dungeons for years, with many women, but none he ever truly cared for. Now he finally has the woman he’s coveted…by default. He wants to be her lover as well as her Master.

Talia survived physical and emotional abuse from her former Master that has left her emotionally scarred and insecure. A true submissive, she yearns for Sid to master her despite her fear that she can’t win his heart…doesn’t deserve his love.

Sid is determined to mend Talia’s battered psyche. He will bind her with rope, but he’ll convince her with tenderness that she deserves all the love he has to give.

Reader Advisory: When Sid and Talia visit Rebels’ Roost BDSM club to play out their erotic rope fantasy, they stumble across a hot ménage scene—and two sexy men who are totally wrapped up in each other.

Monica's Review

In the latest book of Necessary Roughness series a new football player is introduced and is ready to take the broken down sub and make her his.

The connection between Sid and Talia is amazing but due to the extent of Talia’s injuries and lack of self confidence he is not able take her as he wants. Sid does not trust his own behavior around her but Talia seems to be ready to move forward in their new relationship.

Talia is a true 24/7 slave and is having difficulty in actually taking charge of her life. She is now able to have friends, go out to watch Sid during his games and actually enjoy her life. It takes her awhile to understand that Sid only wants to dominate her in the bedroom and expects for her to ask for what she wants.

Finally, Sid is able to show Talia what he wants to do to her but there is a problem. Sid believes that due to the amount of pain that Talia had when submitting with her last Master he feels that she is into pain in order for her to fully submit and have an intense orgasm. Sid wants to show her his fetish with binding her with ropes and have her understand pain is not what he is into when dominating a sub.

I felt as if I was there and feeling how Talia felt for the first time being binded by ropes. The amount of pleasure she felt when she came into contact with Sid nibbling her breast, the explosion she felt sexually. This book will have you shivering with excitement but also feeling saddened with the emotional state that Talia is in. Read this book and see if Sid is able to become Talia’s Master.

3 ½ Tea Cups!

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Ann Jacobs said...

Hi Monica--

Thanks so much for reading and commenting on BEST RECEPTION. I hope you'll watch for PRIME DEFENDER, coming soon. It's the last of the four stories in the Necessary Roughness series.


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