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Review: Strictly Accountable by Tonya Ramagos

Strictly Accountable by Tonya Ramagos

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



A grandchild or no trust fund.

Sabrina Gibson thought she was saved when her sister found her stud to fulfill their parents' ultimatum. Then her parents got greedy.

As a practical accountant, Sabrina understands facts and figures. A man to give her a baby is the one thing that isn’t computing in her life. Then she meets Brody Holt. Confident, dominant, and sex personified, he sends her on a whirlwind of panty-wetting lust that defies all sensible thoughts or dreams of happily ever after.

He agrees to help her, but his stipulation borders on blackmail. Worse, the cocky cowboy won’t divulge his reasons for agreeing to be her "stud." Her only hope lies in the terms they set for the agreement. But how will she be able to walk away then with her heart intact?

Monica's Review


Sabrina and her sisters were giving an ultimatum either have a grandchild or no trust fund. Sabrina’s future has just been shot to hell. Sure she has not used any of her money but she was hoping as soon as she took her CPA exam, she would be opening her own business. The inheritance was going to help her secure her future and her family’s future.

From the moment that Brody Holt saw Sabrina Gibson he needed to get to know her. Now that his father passed away he needs someone to go over the books and see what kind of mess he has put the ranch in. After there second encounter of Sabrina working for Brody he has had enough and does something that he has been dreaming of doing since he first saw her. He finally came to realize that he no longer had any control over his feelings and there was something he felt in his chest and realized he was all ready half crazy about her. Only problem is that the passionate, dominant kiss only made him more sexually hungry for her.

Sabrina was playing with fire when she found Brody in a pond behind the barn totally naked. So what does she do, well joins Brody of course also in her natural born state. I am surprised that the pond was not boiling with the amount of sexual frustration/ passion between them. Once Brody approaches Sabrina and starts touching her, there is no stopping. Only problem is Brody realizes that he has not taken precaution and tries to stop but Sabrina will not have it.

That is where the fun begins with the blackmailing, Brody propositions Sabrina that he will father her child but only if she agrees to marry him. He will be accountable for the child in everyway but there is a stipulation is set forth. The only problem is that he has fallen for her and her for him but they both have not told each other.

Enjoy the second book in Stud Services and if you have not read the first one Strictly Professional then you must pick it up. Find out how the oldest sister was able to find true love with a cowboy. See how Sabrina and Brody are able to finally profess their love on their second marriage in their wedding vows. You must pick up your copy today!

4 Tea Cups!

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