Sunday, September 25, 2011

Review: Winded by Sherri L. King

Winded by Sherri L. King

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 3



A Shikar story, set in the world of The Horde Wars series.

Vetiver Device bears the same burden as generations of Device women, protecting her tiny New England island from the Unnamed. Merrymint is a doorway, and Vetiver the key. The last of her witch bloodline, Vetiver calls to the elements to send help in fortifying the island’s wards. She receives not only aid, but her destiny in warrior form.

Boreas of the Shikar heard Vetiver’s plea through layers of worlds. She called to his Wind, and he answered, bringing with him a storm to close the doorway forever. As for Vetiver, Boreas will bind her lush, ripe body to his, fill her with intense carnal pleasure…and one day his essence. Transforming her into a warrior-witch to stand by his side as wife, lover, protector of the entire human race.

Claudette's Review

I was only too happy to return to Ms. King’s latest story involving a shikar warrior; this time it is Boreas and a human witch called Vetiver Device. This story has all the crucial elements that Ms. King always brings to her novels, great plotting and story telling, action, adventure and characters who capture your emotions and draw you in. I’m not an animal lover but who wouldn’t love Ball Vetiver’s faithful doggy familiar. Like an heirloom, Ball is passed down to each generation of Device witch and is far more than the canine he appears to be.

I was fascinated by Vetiver’s family history and this enthralling adventure with this mortal witch and the very sexy shikar warrior at her side. Their powers compliment each other and this novel is just as great, not to mention as hot as the others in this series.

5 Tea Cups!

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