Sunday, September 25, 2011

Review: Catch Me, Keep Me by Ava Shawcross

Catch Me, Keep Me by Ava Shawcross

Publisher: Noble Romance
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Nadia and Finn have been separated for two years, and it's time to finally call it quits.
But before the divorce can be finalized, Finn steals an old journal that reveals Nadia’s dark, secret fantasy of being disciplined by her husband.

Finn hatches a plan to bring her back to him . . . but he hasn’t exactly been honest with Nadia either.
He is not the mild mannered business consultant Nadia thinks: he is an operative hunting a war criminal, who is now bent on revenge.

To keep Nadia safe, he takes her to a secret hideaway where secrets are revealed and
husband and wife fall under a sensual spell of erotic temptations, a domestic carnal game that may just turn into a lifetime of passion.

Monica's Review

To come home to all lights on with the door open and think that maybe your soon to be ex-husband had been in there. That was what Nadia thought when she came home from work. That just did not make sense sure you might think that your ex might come while you are not there to gather his belongings but why. Finn did not seem like a man that would do that to Nadia but then again he had not been truthful to his wife about his career. But also Nadia had not been truthful to her husband about her darkest secrets, either.

It became apparent how they felt about each other but something was keeping them apart. Nadia is a passionate woman as Finn a passionate man and when he was caressing her in the restaurant; it was exotic especially when you have a man’s hand under your dress in a public place. When danger finds Nadia, Finn is there to protect her but for how long.

Finn broke one rule that is sacred to a woman and that is her journal of her personal thoughts and desires. When Finn takes Nadia away he actually acts on her darkest desires and actually spanks her but Nadia truly believed she deserved it. Everything that she dreamed of and lusted over finally was coming true and she was falling in love with her husband all over again. There were only two problems they had to remember that they were being hunted by someone and don’t leave the journal of your wife where she can find it.

Overall the book was short and quick it could have had more of their rejoining but over all more of mystery of who they were running away from. It was still a very good read and very erotic because Nadia was truly a submissive ready to finally let Finn take over the relationship and not defy him ever again.

3 Tea Cups!


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