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Review: Are you Gonna Kiss Me or Not by Lea Kincade

Are you Gonna Kiss Me or Not by Lea Kincade

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Xander Chisholm is the head of Chisholm Ranch, a huge ranch in Southern Texas. Ten years ago, Xander was devastated by the actions of a woman who was supposed to love him. Since that time, Xander has given up on love and has a well-earned love-'em-and-leave-'em reputation.

Jordan Prescott is a native New Yorker who loses everything in a fire. Her best friend since college, Jessie Chisholm, talks her into starting over in Dry Creek. Although not totally naive, Jordan is an innocent and has been waiting for the man who can ignite her passions with one touch.

Once Jordan meets Xander, she knows he is that man. Caught in a whirlwind affair, both are surprised when an unexpected complication occurs. This complication brings back painful memories for both of them. Will it bring them closer together, or will it tear them apart?

Monica's Review

After the fire all Jordan wants to do it start over and after not being able to say no to her best friend she finds herself moving to Deseo, Texas. Unfortunately, she finds herself falling in love with Jessie’s oldest brother Xander but not before finding out he’s a total jerk.

Jordan Preston found a home, a job in less then a week after she moved to Deseo, Texas. After her interview she joined her best friend Jessie with her friends for some celebration drinks. So when one of the ladies stated “Let the banquet begin” Jordan was a little intrigued. Her first reaction was to following everyone’s gaze to the entrance of the club. So when she saw the first man walk in her immediate reaction was my version of holy mamma.

Xander Chisholm is a cowboy that has been treating woman with disrespect with no feelings. He was intrigued with the black haired beauty that was with his sister he knew he had to get to know her better. Only he gets a big surprise when he beds her and finds out that she was a virgin. He did not want to deal with the feelings that they had when they were deflowered as he put it. Only that he really wanted to get to know her so they started seeing each other but made an agreement that no one should know that they were actually seeing each other. So when he royally screws up his family is so ready to kick his ass but he knows that he somehow feel in love and is ready to grovel.

After Xander succeeds in wooing her that they are finally going out on their official first date in public to make sure that the men know that Jordan is off the market and that the women know that Xander is off the market. Their relationship is great and everyone is happy but then Jordan falls ill and that is when everything changes. Xander finds her lying on the ground on a hot day and takes her to the hospital. He finds out that she had a small heat stroke but also that she suffers from migraines. This changes everything between Xander and Jordan because she believes he will leave her as soon as he finds out the truth of her illness. Everything from the past is coming back to haunt Xander all over again.

Ms. Kincade did a good job with this romance story. It kept me very interested but some of the story kept repeating itself. It was very detailed from the kind of coffee drinking to the detail of their wedding invitations. Then every time she went shopping you knew precisely how many pants she bought, shirts, etc. I believed that Jordan forgave Xander to quickly the first time especially the way he spoke to her even made her cry to the point where she needed to take a hot shower and scrub her body. He made her feel like a slut. Then to try to compare her to his ex-fiancé that is just something you don’t do. He could have suffered more. Not only that but then the last fight they had before she got hospitalized for the second time for the migraine. She forgives him even before getting out of the hospital after what he told her, I’m sorry but forgiveness should not be given that quickly in my opinion. The flow could have been better along with some more editing but this is still a great first book.

No matter what I still enjoyed this story and Jordan and Xander were meant to be together from the moment that they set eyes on each other. I look forward to read who will be next to fall in love is it going to be another brother or maybe Jessie. I totally recommend this read to any one ready for something different in a romance book.

4 Tea Cups!
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