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Review: Away by Allyson Young

Away by Allyson Young

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Shy, reserved Alex has been content and absorbed in her work at the University. With no family and no close friends, she is self-sufficient and not interested in relationships until she meets Jeff and Devon, two cops who are investigating an assault on campus.

Jeff and Devon are taken with Alex and think she might be their one. They set out to win her, introducing her to the pleasures of ménage and their dominance in the bedroom, unlocking her sexuality. Their relationship is intense and inspiring, and Alex falls in love with both of them, believing she has found her future until a terrible manipulation compounded by a lack of communication tears them apart.

Can Alex make her way back into the world on her own, away from Devon and Jeff, or will they find her and convince her to forgive them?

Monica's Review

Running away can only bring punished once found.

There are a couple of things that come with a relationship; trust and communication are the most important. Without those there is no relationship and actions can be construed into something that is untrue.

When the story started you knew that Alex was running away from something or someone but you hoped that she could find a way to belong and find someone that truly cared for her. Well when she is questioned by two detectives she knew that she was attracted to them but never thought that they would be interested in her sexually. When she gets proposed a weekend of fun with both of them she is intrigued and goes out shopping for some sexy lingerie. She gets introduced into the BDSM world and finds herself intrigued. She learns that she can have the most amazing orgasms while being spanked, flogged and tied up. But when she comes into some information she starts to withdraw and does something that she never believed she could do out in public. That is when she goes away again.

Devon and Jeff knew from the moment that they laid eyes on her that she was their woman. Devon knew that he wanted her and could not wait to dominate her and have her in their playroom ready to play their kind of games. He was the one that tried to keep his emotions out of sight but she broke him down. Then there is Jeff the sweet heart and the one that showed his emotions but there were times that he was harder then Devon. I thought that Jeff would have been the first one to change the relationship to something more but I was totally wrong and Devon was the first. They made her feel like a princess loved and cared for something that she had not had the privilege of feeling.

The chemistry between the three characters was sizzling. Their loves scenes had me completely enthralled and anxious to read more. There was one sexual scene that just made me sick and my heart went out to Alex. For the first time I wanted to strangle the handsome duos because they were not paying attention to Alex and how uncomfortable she felt. They hurt her but no matter what she was going through with what she believed was their wish. So of course I don’t blame her for leaving them I believe I would have done the same.

This is my first book by Ms. Young and believe me I intend to keep up with her books. There were parts in the book that could have burned the pages literally. When their relationship fell apart I just wanted to know why lies were made, what was the purpose. Alex truly tried to redo her life without the duo but she knew that they would find her it was a matter of time. When she is found they find out about her health, they vow to take care of her and marry her. Read this truly erotic romance you will not regret it and discover her secret.

4 Tea Cups!
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