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Review: The Billionaire Rancher Buys a Wife by Paige Cameron

The Billionaire Rancher Buys a Wife by Paige Cameron

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 3




Drake Terrell wins a bid to date Janice Dedrick. He expects a fun fling. She refuses his offer and ends their date early. Drake realizes she means more to him than he thought. He decides to pursue her seriously. Janice has doubts about his sincerity. She gives him an ultimatum: change his career, buy a ranch, and agree to have children before she'll consider him. She's bluffing, never thinking he'd do what she asked.

Meanwhile, she receives threatening midnight calls, and accidents, or real threats, begin to endanger her and Drake.

Drake calls his brother to help find the person trying to injure or kill them. As their love heats up, so does the stalker's determination. Can this rancher win Janice's heart and save her life?

Monica's Review

Janice Dedrick is about to commit the biggest mistake of her life but then again she needs to live a little and have some fun. Sure being in a fundraiser and ready to auction her self is crazy because who knows who will buy her. Maybe the buyer is the man of her dreams or what if he is a crazy killer. Once Janice realizes who is about to get a chance at a dinner with her she is totally lost and naturally she has no choice but to agree since he spent ten grand on one evening with her.

Drake Terrell is a billionaire who wants a fling with one woman but there is only one problem the woman that brings his blood to a boil is looking for a committed relationship. Only problem is that Terrell is not ready to settle down and enjoys his line of work but all that changes when he leaves overseas for three months. When he returns back to Houston, Texas he knows that he needs to see Janice and let her know that he is ready to become the man she wants. The next problem is she does not believe him and gives him an ultimatum for her to accept him as her husband, “you’d have to buy a ranch or something, change your career, want children, convince me you were serious enough for me to take a chance.”

Janice protects her heart but not hard enough because she has fallen in love with Drake. He tries his best to let her know that he is serious in his decision and plans to marry her but there are some strange accidents happening to both of them. Janice has been receiving strange phone calls right after the fundraiser auction but now a scare with no brakes in Drake’s car, then the house fire. There is something going on and someone wants both Janice and Drake dead.

The love that is formed between Janice and Drake is wonderful. I enjoyed seeing how much Drake wants to keep Janice safe and the love that he has for her. To actually take her to his parent’s home something he had not done with anyone but most importantly to her parent’s home. Only the stalker is ready to get rid of both of them before they can have their happily ever after. Read this wonderful love story between Janice and Drake and see if he was able to change his career, buy the ranch and is ready to have kids. Most importantly defend his love for Janice and keep them both safe. Happy reading!

4 Tea Cups!
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