Friday, November 4, 2011

Review: Unbridled and Unbound by Elle Saint James

Unbridled and Unbound by Elle Saint James

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Stella Gilbert, lowly file clerk for a law firm, wants to pay off her secret debt incurred right before her mother died. Her pride won’t allow a man to pay her bills, unlike her mother, who had no problem with a man, any man, paying for everything.

Dominick Hunter and Tyler Wilson want to see to the completion of the newly constructed DRMC headquarters and sexual playground in Ryder, Colorado before moving back to their own property up north. They expect to enjoy their membership even more with the new “Stadium” for their annual live sex shows. But a beautiful, stranded accident victim, found outside the gates of the DRMC property, with excellent cooking skills and a strong curiosity about their unbridled lifestyle makes them reconsider their plans of leaving the state.

Wendy's Review
Elle did it again with Unbridled and Unbound. She brought us back to the The Double Rider Men’s Club with Dominick Hunter and Tyler Wilson finding Stella Gilbert snowdrift in her car after wrecking on icy roads that she should have never been on.

Stella worked hard as a file clerk in a law firm where she had incurred debt taking care of her mother till her death. But when things get tougher because of a woman who didn't like Stella and wanted to make her life hell. Being snowed in with two sexy men after her wreck wasn't on the agenda but with the looming storm still brewing outside Dominick and Tyler show Stella what a good time is.

Stella had heard of the club but didn't understand the true meaning until being stranded here with them. Stella loved their kitchen in her opinion it was a chef’s wet dream. Coming up with creation to share with the men brought her to a happy place in her dreary life. Tyler and Dominick were in awe of what she could create on limited supplies and offered her a way out but cooking was her decompress hobby not a career because of being afraid it could turn into a job that she wouldn't enjoy anymore. Giving her time to digest not just the food but what the club stands for Tyler and Dominick wanted her to understand that they love to share and she was who they wanted. Knowing they were what she needed she was shown what a true sexual encounter with two gorgeous men was like.

Tyler and Dominick didn't want Stella to go back but with the looming debt over her head she had no choice. When things come to head and Stella is placed in a position that gives her the chance to be with her men she had to make decisions that she swore never to do.

Elle gave you everything in this book that has you being right there in their private world.

5 Tea Cups!

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