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Review: No Bag Limit by Kaliana Cole

No Bag Limit by Kaliana Cole

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 3


Emma Duncan is independent, reserved, and prickly as hell, a spitfire with enough secrets to keep her living behind fortified walls. Ty Whelan is convinced Emma is the wild, willing, and strong woman he and his brothers have waited half their lifetime for.

But the romance author’s past has chased her to the town of Liberty Springs, Wyoming.
Psychological scars hold her back from embracing the carnal bliss and emotional security the Whelans offer, while a twisted madman threatens her very existence.

Emma strives to overcome the grip of a man who has terrorized her for half a decade and admit that she has room in her heart for Zach and Colby as well as Ty.

With hard bodies and big hearts, they entice her to accept all they have to offer and revel in the affections of three very different men...

Because, girls, there’s "no bag limit" in Liberty Springs.

Monica's Review
Well after reading the whole book I could not stop myself from reading the prologue again to see which horse best resembles Ty, Zach and Colby. I could not see any of them as a Show Pony or a Performance Horse. The only ones that stuck out to me were the Problem Horse, the Workhorse, and the Keeper. Then you have the Fantasy Ride and all I have to say about that is that is does come true.

Emma is a woman with strength, love and compassion, ready to fight in order to survive when danger would present itself. She has an amazing career as a writer but she also has a ranch to run where her horses help disabled kids. I loved her playful personality especially with Zach and Colby. Emma was different with Ty maybe because he was the eldest but he held her heart from the beginning. Emma was truly loved by the cowboys but danger lurks in the shadows and appears when it is least expected. Her strength is tested when one of the Whelan’s brothers is shot by a madman that has been sending her threatening letters.

When Ty shows up at her ranch ready to care for her horses, Emma is not able to resist admiring his ass. Then when Ty is ready to leave the only payment he seeks is a kiss but he will seek it later when his brothers are present. Zach and Colby were the happiest cowboys around when they each got a kiss from Emma but they knew it was going to take a little bit more time to have her take all three of them. When the cowboys find out that someone has been sending threatening letters to Emma they are frantic because now she is missing. When they find her and view a tape of what she went through they know she is a special woman. When they come up with a plan to capture the madman, the cowboys never thought that they would be losing the woman that had claimed their hearts.

The sexual heat in this story is enough to bring steam to your e-reader. The three Whelan brothers are so yummy it’s hard not to want one, to feel that sexual ecstasy that they show Emma. The development of their relationship is truly special and they created the perfect balance. Some of the sex scenes left me smiling even well after they happened. I loved how all the three men had different personalities and with that brought different sex lifestyles.

Well Ms. Cole has done it again with this book. I finished reading this book and craved for the next book in this series. My only disappointment was small editing errors in the book. It was slow at the beginning but it truly picked up pace and it owned my heart. I enjoyed how they became lovers and how happy they were even when they were separated for a small amount of time.

Pick up a copy of No Bag Limit! You won’t be disappointed. Believe me I have already looked into buying the second book in this series and read the story of Jory and Bailey.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!
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Kaliana Cole said...

Thank you so much, Lynne for your wonderful review!!!

Kaliana Cole said...

Appologies, Monica. "Posted" by Lynn.
Thank you Monica, for your lovely review.


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