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Review: For the Love of Liberty by Sierra Summers

For the Love of Liberty by Sierra Summers

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Liberty Slater and her young son have been virtual prisoners of her father-in-law since her husband’s death. The only thing that has given her comfort is the wild wolf living in the woods behind her home. She can tell her wolf her hopes, dreams and fears. But her wolf isn’t what he appears; he’s actually Damon Hix--a shifter sent by the half-brother she never knew about to bring her home.

When Damon reveals himself things get complicated, and what was supposed to be a snatch and grab changes the second he touches Liberty. He knows she belongs to him and him alone, no matter what it takes he will free Liberty.

Yadkny's Review

Liberty has been living with the fear that her son will grow up to be just as cold and domineering as her father-in-law. Unfortunately, Libby is without options on how to stop the seemingly inevitable. Her only solace is the wolf that has become her confidant and given her a small of peace of mind if only for a brief moment each day. It is only when she least expects it that her prayer for freedom is answered and a discovery is made that changes everything about past and her future.

Damon knew Liberty had changed his life the minute he saw her. By playing the role of a non-shifting wolf, he got to know the real Liberty. With each visit became more intrigued and more aware of his growing feelings and protective instincts towards the widowed mother. She became more to him than a mission his alpha sent him on. Now a small window of opportunity has opened for him to grant her freedom and stake his claim.

This story may not be packed with pages, but it is packed with emotion and heat. Most of the story’s focus is on Libby and Damon, but as the Alexander family reunites, we see trouble brewing for them with the Dark Fae Queen. Unlikely allies are formed and an unforeseen pairing of mates takes place. However, much of the details were rushed toward the end, so it leaves the reader with a happily-ever-after and a small cliffhanger.

This second in The Alexander Wolves series may not have been as action-packed as the first, but the feelings between Libby and Damon were wonderfully uncomplicated. I expect quite an interesting adventure is about to take place in the next installment, but first one more Alexander must be reunited with her family. Readers needing a quick escape into the world of shape-shifting wolves will enjoy this story.

3 ½ Tea Cups!
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