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Review: Hernando Heat by Tymber Dalton

Hernando Heat by Tymber Dalton

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 4




Katie Dorchester's heart died with her husband. Worse, her ex-in-laws would kill to steal her property. Forced to leave town, she tries to build a new life in Brooksville.

Enter Joe Lansing and his cousin, Deputy Mason Carlisle. Joe’s had run-ins with the Dorchesters before…and suspects his fiancée paid the price. Mason lost his sister to a rich bully. The men have heartache of their own, but when they intercede on Katie’s behalf to protect her from the Dorchesters, they know she is the one for them.

Katie would do anything to protect Joe and Mason’s reputations in town, including giving up her own happiness with them. When the Dorchesters threaten her men, she tries to protect them the only way she knows. Now her men are in a race to save her life and their new family. Can they keep her safe in the deadly Hernando Heat?

Monica's Review

Hernando Heat is actually a heart warmed story with characters that you will fall in love with because of the rollercoaster of emotions that they each radiate. You have a woman being harassed by her ex-father-in-law but soon find happiness. Then you have 2 grown men acting like children because neither can cook and they each have their own sad story. But just like the woman they find happiness too but for how long because there are times that happiness does not last forever.

Katherine “Katie” is a very strong woman that will not put up with anybody’s bull crap if her life depended on it. She stood up for herself with no help of anyone besides her shotgun when it came to her ex-father-in-law. So moving to a different county, town did not make her cringe she was able to open up a business and start mending peoples clothing or make it. Katie was hit on a lot since she was a single woman even if she was a widow but those men were not very handsome. So when she finds to attractive men and see it in their eyes that they want her, why not court them.

Mason is just a big hunk with soft brown chocolate eyes that you can just fall into a daze with. Then you have Joe with soft pale blue eyes that might remind you of a clear summer sky or even a clear blue ocean, ones that just memorize you. They both know that they have fallen for Katie but Mason has already claimed for but Mason does something that I don’t believe no man would do for another, decides to back down and let Joe be happy. His belief is that Joe has suffered so much already and he is finally smiling everyday something that has not been done in a very long time. Only problem is that before Mason is able to tell Katie about his feeling and why he is deciding not to court her, Joe accidentally declares that he and Katie are engaged to be married. Oh boy does Mason have a fit and gets drink and all three end up on rolling around on mudded clay ground.

In the midst of all of the love making and rejoicing their love, the ex-father in law and ex-brother in law are still threatening Katie. Only they are not ready for what happens to her nor is she. Katie is one that is already very protective of her men so when they threaten to kill them she does what is told of her and leaves with them. Now Joe and Mason know her concerns of the town knowing about their relationship so will they believe what she wrote in the note or go seek her.

I rarely read any historical books just because I would prefer to read about the present time, but Ms. Dalton plot in this book get me so interested. Her writing skills are impeccable. Katie is a fierce spitfire with her shotgun and Mason and Joe with their bickering about their cooking skills. There were times that I caught myself laughing and other times that I caught myself cheering Katie on her way of defending herself. The pain came almost towards the end of the book where it could go either way for them. But on once I got to the end I was so happy for them I cried because they had a long journey in their happily ever after.

I will be keeping this author in my library and will be on the lookout for any more new releases from her. Just maybe she has changed my mind on how I feel about historical stories and give more books a try. Read this book today and read the romance between Katie, Mason and Joe along with the psycho ex-father in law and ex-brother in law.

4 Tea Cups!
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