Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review: Dance of the Gods by Ann Mayburn

Dance of the Gods by Ann Mayburn

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Fantasy Romance

Heat Rating:3


Locked in a demonic curse, Carmella Ramirez has lost the will to love. Once she was the star of the Ramirez Samba School and lived a charmed life. Now, thanks to bitchery and voodoo, she's the school's seamstress and living in the ghetto. At night, a succubus overtakes Carmella's body and uses her to lure men to their death. As the corpses pile up, those controlling Carmella plan to sacrifice her to their demonic god and blame her for all the men the succubus killed.

Her only hope is Sean Kalmus--a world famous musician and warrior of the Celtic God of Music, Maponus. Sean is in Brazil to DJ for the Ramirez School at this year's carnival. Maponus orders Sean to find and rescue Carmella, who is Sean's Comhcheol--the perfect harmony to his soul's melody.
With Sean's help, Carmella will have to call on her strength, his magic and their love to break herself free before she becomes known as Brazil's most notorious serial killer.

Stacey's Review
Everytime I read one of Ann Mayburn’s books I am inspired, transported and completely enthralled. Her books are filled with knowledge, passion and an imagination I have never seen elsewhere. At the end of every book, I feel as though I was there. Dance Of The Gods may be a novella, but it definitely doesn’t fall short by any means.

Carmella is a young woman who could have allowed her losses in life change her. But she didn’t. She has taken each and every bad card she has been dealt and still remains strong. She is a heroine everyone can love. I myself, felt the need to protect this young woman. However, when she is backed against the wall, she proves how powerful believing in yourself can truly be.

She has no idea she has been possessed by a succubus. Carmella has been luring married men to their deaths and she doesn’t remember a thing. She is a sexy demon by night and a mousey seamstress for her father’s Samba School by day. When an attractive young man starts to bring out the real Carmella, she will face her demon head on and only her God will be able to save her. But has she already given in to the dark side? Her burning desire to be loved will be the deciding factor.

Set in Rio, how could it be anything except HOT? Filled with gods, adventure and passionate characters. From a dingy BDSM club to high dollar hotel rooms, you will enjoy every step of this sensual Dance Of The Gods.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!
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