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Review: Double E Ranch by Becca Van

Double E Ranch by Becca Van

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Felicity Wagner drives to the Double Eagle Ranch ten minutes outside of Slick Rock, Colorado, to apply for the job of ranch hand. The moment she sets eyes on ranch owners Tom and Billy Eagle, her body awakens for the first time.

Felicity is saved from an attack by one of the ranch hands, and when the sheriff, Luke Sun-Walker, is called in, he takes one look at the bruised and battered woman and knows she is the right woman for him. Luke and his lifetime friends Tom and Billy agree to woo Felicity together. They know the cool, calm woman Felicity portrays to the world is a facade she is not even aware of and are determined to break down the walls she has erected to get to the fiery, passionate woman beneath.

Felicity's life is threatened by the insane ex-ranch hand, James, and the three men know time is running out to save their woman. Will they get to her in time? Or will they be too late?

Monica's Review

When Felicity Wagner comes to the Double E Ranch she knows she needs the job as a ranch hand because her funds are getting low, so when she is hired and signs a contract she knows everything will be fine. The only exception is that she is attracted to her bosses Luke and Tom Eagle. She feels uneasy with one of the ranch hands and when she finds herself being slapped and her shirt ripped from her body she knows she is in big trouble.

Luke and Billy Eagle know they want Felicity but still Tom puts her through the test to see if she can handle the job. Luke and Billy are both dominate men but Luke seems more dominate than Billy but they are both built with an amazing body. Both are amazing men and I can’t say I like one more than the other. Then when Luke Sun-Walker is introduced it’s like the heavens opened up on him and gave him the body that any woman in their right mind would want to ravish. To me he seemed even more dominate than Tom and it seemed that he took the lead in the relationship. Tom, Billy and Luke vow to keep their woman safe from the ranch hand that tried to rape her but when she is on the verge of a mental/ emotional break down they have no idea what to do and worry that they pushed her to hard.

Things happened pretty fast between the four characters. I enjoyed seeing how their transformation of lust grew into love but most of all the passion that they shared. Once Felicity was able to open up about her past and how she was never loved things really took off from there. Felicity is written as a smart and independent woman determined to make it on her own. She does not realize that keeping all of her emotions bottled up will hurt her health. So once she is able to acknowledge her emotions she is able to find happiness and the men are more than happy to contribute to that. So when she goes missing the men vow to find her and also take care of the ranch hand that touched their woman again.

This story was a little too short but no matter what it grabbed me by my throat and wouldn’t let go until I finished this book in one sitting. The passion that flowed through this story was amazing how in tune they were with each other. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series and see who is next to have their happily ever after. Read this story and see but surprise is in store for these four characters and how happy they will be together till they grow old.

4 Tea Cups!
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