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Review: Double Montana Treats by Marla Monroe

Double Montana Treats by Marla Monroe

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3


Drew has been working her ranch with only one other person for so long she is more than happy to hire ex-convicts Jeb and Marshall and give them a chance to help her through the winter. Not only do they warm her bed and work the ranch, they help keep her safe from whoever is intent on sabotaging her farm and possibly taking her life.

Jeb and Marshall served their time and are ready to get on with their lives. Unfortunately, no one wants to hire ex-convicts. Drew gives them a chance to prove they’re trustworthy and more than up for the job. When Drew is injured, they take care of the ranch and her at the same time.

When the dust settles and the culprit is behind bars, will they stay with Drew and start a family, or will they move on?

Monica's Review

When Drew finds herself hiring two ex-cons she knows that she is in big trouble. There is something about the two cowboys that intrigue her. She is a very strong woman and has been handling her ranch with only one person helping since her husband past away. Drew knows that the winter is almost upon them and she needs the help. There are also things that are happening at the ranch but she can’t figure out who is doing the harm.

Jeb and Marshall are both drawn to Drew from the moment that they laid eyes on her. They know that they are ex-cons but would like to see if they could have something with her. They know she has needs and it seems to them that they can take care of them. Once they see things happening at the ranch they know they cannot leave until they find out who is threatening the life of Drew. Sure first it starts off as fence cuttings, then someone endangering the horses but when they find her unconscious with a goose on the back of her head they know someone is out to get her killed.

Although I loved the characters in this story, I had a hard time believing the storyline. I can’t say specifically what it was but there was something missing in the relationship. Everything happened so fast, the way they became one. Yet they had their doubts about the relationship but it still happened. Then Jeb actually never admitted his feelings for Marshall and never came clean about what happened to Drew. I feel as if Drew was cheated out of this relationship. Marshall and Jeb never came out and told Drew about what happened in their past, what happened to them before they went to prison. How they knew each other and what kind of lives they lived. How they became who they are. Why they need each other in a ménage relationship.

I can say is that Jeb and Marshall are truly great lovers. I felt so bad for one of the secondary characters, Kenny. He was also in a different kind of relationship which also had rough patches. Kenny was involved with another man by the name of Robert. Jeb and Marshall were not discreet when it came to loving Drew. Jeb was a very dominate man and he let Drew know that when in the bedroom she listened to him and do as he told her. When she found herself over his knee and received a spanking she found herself intrigued and could not believe she wanted more.

Overall it was a good book. If you love hot ménages and hot cowboys you may want to add this one to your shopping list.

3 ½ Tea Cups!
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