Friday, July 16, 2010

Review: Red Hot by Solara Gordon

Red Hot by Solara Gordon

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 4



It isn’t the flames or smoke that worry Fire Chief Brent Stephens. What worries him the most is the heat his libido keeps throwing off every time he gets near Bunny Kater. Bunny’s sworn off firemen, and intimacy—never mind that she’s worn out a vibrator or two along the way—that is, until she meets Brent. Turning forty, coupled with Brent’s presence, awakens her isolated emotions in ways she isn’t expecting. And he’s younger than she is.

Brent is unsure of his growing interest in Bunny. If his overly zealous male ego calms down, he might be able to understand why Bunny affects him like she does. It would help if he could find his lust control switch and turn it down a few degrees, too. Second chances happen once chance at a time, but Brent isn’t even sure they’re going to get a first one.

Lorien’s Review

This was a fantastic book to read. Being so intuitive with the characters, I found myself laughing and cheering for the perfect couple. Not only did the characters intrigue me, they were assertive to exploring love and romance without boundaries.

Red Hot introduced two amazing characters that deserved a second chance. Fire Chief Brent Stephens has always been close to his family until his past continued to haunt him. But from their first introduction, Bunny Kater held his attention like no other. Regardless of their age differences and pasts, the hot young chief managed to make the relationship work with an older woman. Even so, when Brent needed a place to stay while his house was being repaired to meet inspection code, Bunny and her daughter Kate accepted him. It was the perfect way to take their attraction to the next step.

Solara Gordon crafted a playful and exciting erotic contemporary romance that was a page-turner. There were so many great aspects detailed in the book. First, the humorous dialogue kept me satisfied throughout the book. Second, the creativity and storytelling process dented a lasting impression. And last, the relationship between the characters emphasized an honest sexual intensity for each other upfront, and there was no stopping them. This made the plot so much more enjoyable to read. From the first page, there were incredible sparks between the characters and it followed through to the end.

5 Tea Cups!

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