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Review: Dark Promises by Marie Kenward

Dark Promises by Marie Kenward

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Sometimes being good is bad.

Three-hundred-year-old vampire Alexi Dugas knows everything there is to know about evil. After all, for centuries he's walked a tightrope between his blood-thirst and his humanity.

When he inadvertently rescues a young woman from his former clansmen, he must decide once and for all if he's more man than beast, for Sarah Hennessy carries a weapon that can forever alter the delicate balance of power in his dark world. Now, after living in the shadows and surviving in those shades of gray, Alexi must finally choose which side of the battle he's on. Unfortunately, doing the wrong thing will cost him Sarah's love.
But, doing the right thing might just cost her life.

Mary's Review

Alexi Dugas is a vampire who is not like your other vampires. Yes, he had no choice to become one but he is a man haunted by the past and set on vengeance for years. Alexi still remembers seeing his wife die and little girl die. Yet through all the centuries he still thrives on breaking free trying to be a better man. Unfortunately, his sire won’t let him go free. For years they have been fighting each other. One is always a step ahead while the other marvels at how they best each other. Alexi expected a lot of things from his sire but the thought of a formula that will bring vampires to light is one he never expected. One other thing is meeting a woman like Sarah Hennessy. She may be a mortal but in her he feels a familiar person. She is a person that has been dead for centuries in her, one who still gives him hope of love in this century. Alexi knows it can’t be possible but something about Sarah makes him yearn for a real happily ever after especially a man like him, a vampire. Can he keep his Sarah safe and away from his sire? Will he be damned forever or will there be hope in his darkness after all these years?

Sarah Hennessy has no idea why she feels like Alexi is familiar. Something about him sparks memories of a life with him. She knows it can’t be true for this is the first time she has seen Alexi. Yet though he is dark, lethal and a vampire she feels safe with him. She knows about vampires and can’t understand why being with Alexi feel’s so right. The war going on is something she has never known before yet the possibility of vampires roaming the streets scares her. All she knows is that being with Alexi is making her see that not only vampires exist but real soul mate love does exist. Being with Alexi she remembers the man he used to be before his sire turned him. Remembers the passion, love and the thought of never seeing him again kills her. She may be a mortal but Sarah knows her life and heart will always belong to Alexi Dugas. Can she just walk away from him when he denies the love and passion?

Three words for Marie Kenward are OH MY GOD. This book went beyond the average three rating I usually give for this book rocked. Throughout the book I was falling for more of Alexi and the sacrifices he takes through the entire story. My heart broke each time he remembered something in the past for this man thinks he’s a monster. Alexi is definitely no monster and Marie did a great job in showing his own turmoil through the years and heartache of losing all his loved ones. Now Sarah is definitely a fighter and though in the beginning she sounded scared I applaud her for bravery. Marie did a great job in not just showing us the main characters but the families in this vampire wars and how lonely their lives have been. Definitely a recommended book and can’t wait for more of Marie’s work. Awesome job!

5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read!

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