Monday, August 9, 2010

Review: Blood Evolution by Kimberly Adkins

Blood Evolution by Kimberly Adkins

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



From time immemorial he has walked among us

Some would call him a God; others call him the Devil…

A lifetime of sacred belief cast aside for one moment of perfect love

Amon traded his soul, his mortality and the only existence he had ever known to save the life of one woman, a beauty who forever marked his heart with the color of her eyes.

Second chances

Aziza was as beautiful and innocent in her newborn life as she had been before the ancient sacrifice that took her from her one true love. She was also in danger of losing her mortality once more to the very demon that craved her blood centuries ago.

As their souls meet again and come full circle, Amon vows to defeat the ancient evil that denied them their destiny for far too long. This time he won’t allow himself to fail, because he now knows the truth--He can’t live without her, and yet he cannot die…

Yadkny’s Review

From the moment they laid eyes on each other, they knew they were destined to be together. Amon and Aziza kept a secret forbidden love for each other until the day came that Aziza was to be sacrificed to the God. Amon planned to escape with her but fails ending both their lives. Amon awakens to a new life without his beloved or the sun. He spends the next many years awaiting her reincarnated return, but will she remember the love they once shared?

Alana is on the hunt for her missing brother. She will do anything to find him, including offering herself to a dangerous cult of vampires. Amon sees Alana and immediately knows she is his long awaited Aziza, but to earn her trust he must go against some instincts he has been fighting for many centuries and he’s not about to fail her twice.

In this whirlwind paranormal romance, Kimberly Adkins, takes readers on a journey to a time when human sacrifices were religious public ceremonies, and then to the present where a vampiric infection is taking hold of the population. The storyline is appealing and engaging as well as the characters, but I would have liked to have seen more story building. This is not your typical vampire story and I am grateful that Ms. Adkins decided to take a more unconventional approach to how one is affected by the bite of a vampire and how vampires came into existence. Just when I started to put the pieces of the story together, it all came to a bittersweet, but nonetheless happily-ever-after end.

3 Tea Cups!


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